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    Five Thoughts on Arrow’s “Sins of the Father”

    By | February 12th, 2016
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    It only makes sense that, due to The Flash being the optimistic show, and Legends of Tomorrow being the swashbuckling adventure series, that Arrow would double down on the darkness. However, the show is getting better at finding positives to come out of the dark situations, and this episode struck that balance a little better than others.

    1. So…Calculator just figured out who Oliver and co are?

    At this point, the Queen for Mayor signs need to just say “Green Arrow for Mayor,” as anyone seemingly can figure out who he is. I know that the Calculator is supposed to be a computer genius, but this seems like a bridge too far. Damien Darhk didn’t know who he was for some time, and Darhk is a supernatural dude who seems to know it all.

    I hope this is the end of his role on the show, because he is really more effective as the villain in Felicity’s head/past than he is as the villain in the show right now.

    2. Is Nanda Parbat a suburb of Star City?

    Remember when finding Nanda Parbat was an incredibly hard thing to do? When the journey would take a long time and be dangerous? This week, folks were popping over there like it was one stop on the train. Laurel showed up in a business casual outfit, so did she drive there? Is there a coatcheck? Last I checked it was a snowy, mountainous area, not someplace where a light jacket is all that’s required.

    I know it makes it easier to use the location if it isn’t across the world, but c’mon now.

    3. Trying to emulate the Season 2 finale

    The best episode of the show is the Season 2 finale, where the city was under siege and Team Arrow and co. were fighting off Deathstroke’s forces. This episode attempts to mine similar territory with the League vs. League battle in the streets, and it worked a little. The show tends to rely a little too much on this type of scene – Star City has been under siege for nearly 5 years straight now. When the show started, Starling was all that Oliver cared about – now, he cares for much, much more. Maybe focus on that more than the city for a bit, and the emotional resonance will be there.

    4. “We are in the mess because of him on, like, a million different levels”

    This week, Oliver found a creative solution to his personal Kobiyashi Maru, and was able to save Thea without killing anyone. The above quote, said by Felicty, about Malcolm, is also quite true – Malcolm has, in many ways, caused Oliver more strife and heartache than anyone in the world. But seeing Oliver rise above the overwhelming opinion that he needs to kill Malcolm is a sign that he really has turned a corner, and is a true hero now. This is a good thing.

    (It was also the solution I saw as soon as Ollie picked up the sword)

    5. Fathers and sons

    This is a thread that nearly got forgotten about, but thankfully they brought it back – Oliver’s son is of extreme importance for a few reasons. First of all, he sees what his life turned out like with parents that were there, and so he must be quite worried for what life will be like when his son is raised without a father.

    But more than that, all of Oliver’s friends and family, at this point, can take care of themselves. All are combat trained, or have enough skills in other ways (like Felicity) to protect themselves. William can’t do that – and therefore is extremely vulnerable. If Darhk harms him, I don’t know if any amount of heroism can stop Ollie from putting an arrow between his eyes.

    What did you guys think of this episode? Tell me in the comments!

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