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    Five Thoughts on Arrow‘s “The Ties That Bind”

    By | May 11th, 2018
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    After a truly slow start to the season, Arrow is kicking it into high gear right now, bringing one of the more exciting episodes of the show in a long time. This show really knows how to make the build to a finale feel important, and this year is no different.

    1. Everyone’s got somebody…except Dinah

    Poor Dinah. When the show featured a montage of everyone with their loved ones, it showed Dinah beating up some Diaz-connected hood. I know that was supposed to show how much she’s already lost, but it felt daaaaaaamn cold.

    But it also put a spotlight on why the team is so dedicated to stopping Diaz. This isn’t abstract justice; this is not just protecting the city, it is protecting their kids, their lovers, their friends. Sometimes, Arrow forgets that not everyone is Oliver Queen, and obsessed with justice for justice’s sake. This episode went a long way to showing both sides. Yes, it’s good that Ollie cares, but it’s more important to remind us why we should as well.

    2. The boys (and girls) are back in town

    Guess who just got back today
    Them vigilantes that had been away
    Haven’t changed that much to say
    But man, I still think them cats are crazy
    They were askin’ if Diaz was around
    How he was, where he could be found
    Told ’em he was livin’ downtown
    Drivin’ all the police force crazy

    Team Arrow’s back in town!

    It was nice to see everyone bury their hatchets and work together this week. I’m sure their conflicts aren’t over, but it was good to see them put the good before the petty. The warmth between everyone felt genuine, even if there was still a healthy dose of mistrust around. I’m glad this episode didn’t lead to bickering and bullshit, but rather stayed pretty focused on the point at hand: they need to stop Diaz.

    3. So…why doesn’t Anatoly just kill him?

    Anatoly finally came to his senses this week, and decided to help Oliver and his crew out. He played it well, threw Diaz off his scent, and managed to stay alive in the process. That’s certainly not nothing, but I couldn’t help but wonder why, in a few key moments, Anatoly didn’t just take him out.

    Let’s look at this logically: when he’s messing with the Quadrant, they don’t have any real loyalty to him. Ditto Diaz’s army of goons. Why would they care who is writing their check? Hell, Diaz seems to have leverage over everyone (like the hacker boy with his grandmother), wouldn’t they be happy to see him dead? There were at least 3 instances this episode where he could have done it with ease.

    And that’s a win/win for Anatoly. If he wants to continue his life of crime, he can do so, now with a seat at the Quadrant. Or, he can walk away with the help of A.R.G.U.S. and live life, as he put it, drinking from an umbrella straw. But no, he just brooded with his glorious beard. Maybe next time, Anatoly.

    4. Felicity was right

    I know that Ollie wasn’t trying mansplain to Felicity about her putting herself in danger, but was rather speaking as a husband trying to protect his wife. But Felicity was totally right – they needed the information on Diaz’s drive above all else. It seemed a little silly that in that bunker there would be no gas masks, but I’m no vigilante, so what do I know?

    But I think Felicity speaking up was a really important step for her character, though she has done something similar countless times now. But now specifically, Oliver needs to trust his team. He tried to go back to basics, and he failed. Let Felicity be all she can be; it can’t hurt.

    5. “All I need is loyalty”

    Get it? Like Trump said to Comey? Get it? Do you guys get it? Trump is a criminal! Get it? Did you guys catch that Diaz quoted Trump? Get it? Do you see the parallels? Between Trump and Diaz? Get it? Do you?

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