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    Five Thoughts on Baccano!‘s “Czeslaw Meyer is Forced to Rework His Tremble-Before-the-Specter-of-Immortals Strategy”

    By | July 17th, 2017
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    We’re making our speeding run to the conclusion of this series, with the Rail Tracer revealed and the Elixir of Life making its way towards its final destination. The pieces are swiftly moving…

    1. The More Things Change…

    Up until this point, outside of the prologue episode, Huey Laforet has been an unseen force during the present, with the Lemures acting in order to release him from custody. And the detached observer hasn’t changed much when Senator Berium comes to try and convince Huey to have the Lemures stand down. The plan of Huey’s followers doesn’t particularly interest him and he knows they will fail. And it’s here we learn something else: Chane, the woman in black with the Lemures, is Huey’s daughter. Trust me, we’ll talk about Huey, the Lost Horrible Anime Dad a lot more when we learn more about his parenting.

    Something that does make me cock my head is… and it isn’t really explained, but it seems that Huey has a kind of telepathic link with Chane. It is through this telepathy that we finally learn about Chane a bit, how she gave up her voice to protect her father’s secrets because he’s her only family. It’s kind of creepy if I’m being honest.

    2. Cesz is Not a Kid

    Looks are always deceiving. So it goes without saying that it is kind of disturbing to see what seems to be a ten-year-old boy planning with Ladd to set off a bunch of explosives, with the full intent of killing all the people on the train, just so Czeslaw can sniff out the immortal. We get a brief, brief look into his fear of other immortals and of being devoured, which does add a little humanity to him. And while his cold pragmatism prevents him from being innocent, he does seem to have a bit of naivete, like in thinking he could get Ladd to work with him instead of Ladd putting a rifle shot through his head.

    3. Eve Pointed in the Right Direction

    Eve has managed to get away from Gustavo for the moment and has run into Eleon, who is trying to make amends for the Daily Days putting her in danger, to begin with. As such, he brings her to the Gandors, who had something to do with Dallas’ disappearance. Here, Eve meets the Gandor brothers but was also followed by Gustavo and his thugs. This really is a reinforcement from the very first episode, that Luck and his brothers are now immortal, much to the shock of Gustavo, considering he thought his goons killed the Gandors back in episode one.

    4. Ladd vs. Chane

    We get a little bit of intense action in this episode, as Chane is beginning to go off on her own and encounters one Ladd Russo on the roof of the train. And it’s here we get to see Chane show off her knife skills (both stabbing and throwing). She’s quick. Like, very quick. She’s capable of deflecting shots from Ladd’s rifle with her knife and close the distance real quick. Ladd manages to get a hit or two in, including stomping on one of Chane’s throwing knives in mid air. The fight ends as quickly as it starts, but a nice showcase for Chane who is starting to take a bit more prominence.

    5. It’s All Coming Together Now

    Maybe it’s because it is coming off the back of such an intense episode, but this episode felt very much transitional, moving us towards the finale. There are only three more episodes in the main story, but we’re starting to see how the pieces are starting to come together. After getting the Elixir back from the Gandor base, Dallas and his goons lose it to Isaac and Miria (via a combination of smoke bombs, Professor Moriarty and Super Sentai. I’m serious about all of that), who thought the box contained bribe money. Sad that it’s just liquor (while also taking a drink), they take it with them (being followed by Ennis) to their second target, the Martillo family hideout.

    It isn’t hard to draw the conclusion: Firo, Luck and the others are going to get their immortality at this party, now it’s just a matter of how and what is going to happen when Szilard and Maiza finally encounter one another again. But that’s for another time.

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