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    Five Thoughts on Baccano!‘s “The Delinquents That Arrive at the High-Class Neighborhood are the Same as Always”

    By | August 21st, 2017
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    We are midway through the epilogue story and we learn about some pasts and some presents. Let’s take a look.

    1. The Origin of Nice and Jacuzzi

    If you’ve reached this point, you’ve been probably been wondering: What is with Jacuzzi’s face tattoo? Well, we finally get an answer to that this episode and it’s incredibly heartwarming actually. Back when she was a kid, Nice Holystone was still well into explosions, but she didn’t have the experience she does with them, resulting in… well… boom, causing her disfigurations. As such, little Jacuzzi went and got a really garish tattoo on his face. Jacuzzi knew that Nice’s face would cause people to stare at her for the rest of her life. So, in this way, she doesn’t have to be alone. He’d be right there beside her. It’s incredibly sweet and it goes to inform Jacuzzi’s character (as we see throughout this episode): he’s a timid, blubbering crybaby who will go through Hell and Highwater for his friends.

    2. Chane Laforet- An Honorary Member of the Gang

    The gang are in New York, staying at one of the Genoard’s places (kind of not really explained how they know the Genoards but I digress) while making sales on the explosives they originally meant to steal from the train. But they weren’t alone. Someone was with those explosives who is also on the run from the cops: Chane. She is staying with the rest of them and is quite welcomed to the group, despite Nice and Nick’s reservations. It allows Chane to have some nice interactions, especially with Jacuzzi, who constantly trips over his own words in trying not to sound rude, while also feeling welcome.

    It weirds Chane out, seeing people being friendly and welcoming to her. It (and a surprise package) also make her think of him. The man on the train who asked her to marry him. More on that later.

    3. Graham Continues to be Weird

    You know, the majority of Baccano!’s cast can run the spectrum from “eccentric” to “mad mad mad mad mad”, but I’ve always felt there was purpose or consistency or at least the characters are charismatic enough to carry it. Graham though… with his ramblings about sad stories and tedium and such… it kinda leaves me cold. He feels like a character meant to get the plot going, so when he and his goons mistake Chane for Eve Genoard and kidnap her in order to lure Jacuzzi out, his scenes are just very…. Ehh? Not a character I hate, but in comparison to most of the other psychopaths in this show, he doesn’t rank that high.

    4. All Alone and All Together

    Jacuzzi goes alone to save Chane, as Graham demands, but it isn’t long before the rest of the gang arrive, much to Graham’s anger. But it is how the rest of the gang respond that surprised me. They found a loophole in Graham’s demands. Sure, Jacuzzi came alone. But so did Nick. And Donny. And everyone else. They all had come alone, just like in life. Whether immigraiting over to the U.S. or just born in bad places, they all came alone and found this family together. And family looks out for one another. And Chane has now become part of that family.

    But, as Jacuzzi realizes, there’s one voice among them that he didn’t recognize…

    5. They Meet Again

    Claire Stanfield has made his way to the group to, finally coming face to face with Chane again. He feels a bit more confident, even though he admits that he’s not that great with fully expressing himself. But like the rest of the gang, Claire is ready to go to bat for Chane, further infuriating Graham when Claire tells him that he’s the one who got rid of ‘Boss Ladd’. The episode, kind of light on plot but a plethora of little moments, concludes with Graham throwing his giant wrench at Claire’s face.

    One more episode to our conclusion.

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