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    Five Thoughts on Big Hero 6: The Series‘ “Internabout”

    By | May 8th, 2019
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    Welcome back readers, for the second season of Big Hero 6: The Series, now airing daily on the Disney Channel. Let’s take a look at the season premiere, “Internabout,” in which Hiro, jealous that his rival/love interest Karmi is interning at biotech company Sycorax, lands a job at Krei Tech, only to find being Alistair’s assistant is not what he wanted at all.

    1. Sycorax is Creepy

    The gang pay a visit with Granville to Liv Amara’s corporate headquarters. I was always wary of Amara since her debut in “Big Problem,” since it was never explained how her guest Orso Knox was mutated into a giant monster in that episode. Things are downright creepy as Sycorax give our heroes name labels that can read their biometrics, which are in turn are read by machines everywhere. (There’s also the way Amara tries to befriend Big Hero 6 by introducing her assistant Chris as her “chrisistant,” which is so fake and cringe-inducing.) Kids won’t pick up on how intrusive it all is but the show is definitely setting up Liv as a shady character.

    2. Something Has Survived

    Turns out it’s Noodle Burger Boy and Obake’s robotic daughter Trina, who are both in serious need of repair: she keeps losing her head, and he’s gone berserk looking for his creators at Krei Tech in the hopes they can help him. Despite his cute appearance, Noodle Burger Boy’s oddly as unnerving as ever, puking pickles like a character from The Exorcist.

    Trina eventually builds herself a new gigantic robot body (and shaves her head, explaining her hair got in the way), to save her adopted brother from himself. I find it fascinating that in making Trina the new (pardon the expression) head of her surrogate family, that they gave her an incredibly masculine makeover. It’ll also be interesting if the notion that Hiro could remove Obake’s programming from Noodle Burger Boy could pay off later this season.

    3. Boy Problems

    Between Hiro’s jealousy of Karmi, and Krei giving Hiro a job because he’s jealous Liv has an intern, these two have got more issues with women than they care to admit. Don’t believe me? Krei’s assistant reminds her boss this week that her name is Judy, to which he replies, “Really?!” It’ll be interesting to see if this theme develops over the season: I hope to see Krei realizes Judy is probably his only friend in addition to the inevitable Hiro/Karmi relationship.

    4. Always Read the Fine Print

    For saving Krei from Obake’s “children,” Krei decides to continue Hiro’s internship, despite the kid being disappointed by the mundane and dumb tasks he was given. Krei explains he can keep him around thanks to his contract, and I suppose that’s the moral of this story. I hope for Hiro’s sake – and mine – he’s given some tasks on the engineering side of things at Krei Tech during this season, as it would get tedious if he was just relegated to being Krei’s bodyguard.

    5. Cow Costume

    Seriously, what was up with the cow costume Krei ordered Hiro to pick up? It’s never explained. Knowing this show, there’ll probably a wonderful and helpful reveal at some point, but in the meantime, feel free to let me know what you think it’s for in the comments. (And let’s keep it clean – this is a kids’ show.)

    Bonus thoughts:
    – “Phase 2,” yeah Fred, “I understood that reference.”
    – Good to know Hiro’s still a capable action hero without his suit.
    – There are chibi versions of the cast from the summer’s short films all over the credits now.

    See you next time for “Seventh Wheel.”

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