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    Five Thoughts on Black Lightning‘s “Equinox: The Book of Fate”

    By | March 7th, 2018
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    You’d have imagined last night’s Black Lightning would’ve slowed down and focused quite a lot on Jefferson and Anissa learning each others’ secret identities, but it also packed in some seriously -changing twists.

    1. Gambi is Hardcore

    Gambi is so much more than a mole for Jefferson in the 100 gang, we learn he and Lady Eve actively built up this organization during Black Lightning’s absence. I imagine he decided to go into organized crime to control it and prevent the overspill of violence, imagining himself as the honorable Corleone in Freeland’s underworld. I can only imagine how much worse Jefferson and Gambi’s relationship will be after finding out how involved he was with Lady Eve.

    By the way, did Gambi’s assassin get-up remind anyone else of the Shadow?

    2. Discretion

    Jefferson needs to be more careful who hears him on the phone using Black Lightning’s voice, he should’ve dived into his office straight away when Henderson called. It also seems he’s not using burner phones to speak to Henderson, using the same number so often that he’s listed as “the Electrician” (nice) in his contacts: Pierce is lucky that the inspector hasn’t traced his calls and determined his identity yet. We imagine he’s going to have to dump that phone now anyway…

    3. Happiness

    Anissa gets confirmation from her mother that she ended her relationship with Jefferson because of his vigilantism. Lynn warns Anissa that the life of a vigilante is a lonely one that you have to be prepared to sacrifice all happiness for, but Anissa responds she’s fine with that, as her happiness is nothing next to those of the ordinary people of Freeland.

    I think Anissa only feels that way as “freeing Freeland,” as she puts it, will be a temporary gig, as if crime and corruption could be fully eradicated. It brought to mind how in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne hoped he could hang up Batman’s cape and pass the baton of crimefighting to Harvey Dent, not knowing he and the Joker were “destined to do this forever” (or at least before Heath Ledger passed away). And Lynn raised a good point, Anissa had already sacrificed her relationships: where was Grace Choi? Real smooth Anissa, not talking to her after her assault.

    4. David Poe

    I found Anissa learning David Poe died an awkward scene, as I’d forgotten that was the name of the editor of the Freeland Gazette. A news report displaying his photo would’ve greatly clarified things. As it was, his departure is not even brought up again, with Jefferson’s motivation going into his confrontation with Tobias Whale (finally) still being his desire to avenge his father.

    5. What a cliffhanger

    If you thought last week’s cliffhanger was big, this episode offers a few major turns. So Whale has lost his sister Tori in the crossfire with Black Lightning, which now makes his end of this conflict personal; and they already have their revenge in motion with the superhero getting framed for Lady Eve’s assassination.

    But as if that wasn’t enough, we see Latavius/Lala has been resurrected by the similarly still alive LaWanda, who turns out to be a metahuman capable of turning herself into a brand on his chest. It’s absolutely insane: I was not expecting such a creepy, supernatural turn, even with all the morbid imagery in the show. Was LaWanda manipulating Black Lightning the whole time? Guess we’ll have to keep tuning in to find out.

    Bonus thoughts:
    – Lynn and Jefferson must’ve known their kids would’ve inherited his powers someday, right?
    – Great to finally see other teachers at Jefferson’s school.

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