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    Five Thoughts on The Flash‘s “Luck Be a Lady”

    By | October 25th, 2017
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    This season of The Flash, in so many ways, is about bringing the show back to its roots, and any decisions to try to move the show forward have been rolled back to a season 1 status quo. I’m half expecting Eddie to show up and whisk Iris off her feet. Let’s dig in but, be warned, spoilers abound.

    1. The most interesting meta of the week thus far

    One of the big regressions to season one has been the reintroduction of the traumatic event that caused the creation of metas. This time, it was Barry’s reappearance from the Speed Force that caused a city bus and its riders to be hit with a wave of dark matter, allowing 12 new metas to be created. Much like early on, when they had to constantly figure out where X person was on the night of the particle accelerator explosion, this is now going to be “could they have been on the bus when Barry returned?”

    Becky, aka Hazard, is an update of a post-Crisis villain, but this time her luck is controlled by dark matter. As her luck increases, those around her experience terrible luck. Is it goofy? Absolutely. Did it make for a compelling episode of television? Absolutely.

    The reason the episode worked was that there was seemingly no way to stop her. If you got close, your luck would fail and you’d fail to impede her. In fact, the only way the team could stop her is to do something as dangerous as crossing the streams: let the particle accelerator go off again. This was treated as a huge threat before it went off, but never really addressed once it did. Did it create new metas? Did it knock out the power grid? Seemingly, no – it seemed to simply undo Becky’s powers, for now. If that’s the case though, wouldn’t it have undone all the other new metas too? I’m confused.

    2. Jesse’s team

    This week, Harry returns, along with a ‘break up cube,’ an Earth-2 invention that seems downright cruel. We’ll get to that a little later, but the long and short of his return is that Jesse kicked him off of ‘her team,’ a group of heroes assembled by Harry to help her fight crime. This is a fun idea, as that means a lot of new characters could be showing up on the show via Earth-2. Hopefully, this is an excuse to get some classic Justice Society folks on the show, from Hourman to Starman to Doctor Mid-Nite. A boy can dream, right?

    3. SULLY?

    If anyone had “Sully Sullenberger cameo” on their The Flash bingo board, hat’s off to you. It was a throwaway joke that actually got a reaction from me, but it was still really weird. It would have been amazing had they been able to land Tom Hanks to reprise his role.

    4. Bye Wally

    So, a big part of this episode was Wally and Jesse breaking up, and Wally deciding that he needs to get some space and start a new life. Why the show didn’t have him go to Keystone City, I’ll never know, but Wally is gone, at least for now. In The Flash timeline, that usually means about 3 episodes, give or take. We know he’ll be back for the big crossover, so we won’t miss him too much I suppose.

    But this, again, is bringing the show back to its roots. Caitlin is back, Wally is gone, there’s a Harrison Wells on the team, and they are hunting metas. Everything old is new again.

    5. Joe’s boys still swim!

    Speaking of old and new, Joe and Cecile are having a baby? The actress the plays Cecile is 46 years old, with Joe being 50, which aren’t exactly past childbearing time, but is usually past “forgot to use birth control” age. This is a weird angle for the show to take, and I don’t know what the endgame is here, aside from everyone having to deal with Joe changing diapers.

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