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    Five Thoughts On Happy!‘s “Destroyer of Worlds”

    By | January 25th, 2018
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    Things somehow go from bad to worse in Happy! but honestly, we wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. In this week’s episode, we get a ton of answers to some of the season’s biggest questions. Let’s jump into this but be warned, there are spoilers for this episode throughout. Very big spoilers.

    1. Feliz Navidad

    “Destroyer of World” picks up where last week’s episode left Nick. He’s still at Blue’s house but Blue is gone after Nick laid waste to his henchman in the garage. Nick takes Blue’s wife and Blue’s son hostage so he can get out of the house and things kick off with Nick having to kill a bunch more guys set to the greatest Christmas song ever, “Feliz Navidad.” When Nick gets away, he asks Blue’s wife where he went and she gives him an address after telling him that when he sees Blue, tell him she wants a divorce. Awkward. Nick gets away but as he’s driving away, we see baby Blue pick up the explosive device and blow up his house. Are they dead? Probably. This is Happy! after all. After watching the whole episode, I do like this opening a bit more than I did when I first watched it. I think this show feels it needs to throw in some Crank level action scene into every episode (which makes sense when you look at the creator details) but what makes these scenes feel unique is the humor. This one is so dark but still really funny. Blue’s wife making that last second swerve and wanting to be done with Blue is really good and really funny. To top it off, the “best Christmas ever” line is hysterical when this kid blows the house up. Also, this show has been really clever with how it uses Christmas music and throughout its run, it has kept in the holiday season without beating us over the head with it. It’s the complete antithesis of what the holiday spirit is supposed to be and it’s great.

    2. Amanda Meets The Boogeyman

    Amanda is back in this week’s episode and she sure has a lot on her plate. She decides to go to Sunny Shines, the kid’s entertainer who’s show is the one that Hailey disappeared at. Sunny Shines is the complete opposite of his character on stage and during this conversation, not only is he high and tries to hit on Amanda, he goes on a whole rant about why kids are the worst and how hard he has it when parents blame their kid’s problems on him. Sunny Shines is a mess but it gets even wilder when it turns out that Sunny Shines is Mr. Bug! He’s the one who Blue has been sending kids to and he’s the one who’s having crazy orgies at his house. When Amanda tries to leave, Sunny Shines sends security after her and she manages to get away. However, as she starts to walk around the building more, she hears music and stumbles upon quite possibly, the greatest orgy scene filmed for television. Way back when we saw Mr. Bug for the first time, I had said in my review that I wanted to see what was going on behind those doors and oh boy was I not disappointed. It’s hard to describe what actually happened. There was grinding, dubstep and then there was some kind of other stuff happening with these two Teletubbie knockoffs that’s a bit to rated XXX for this review. It was absolute unsexy but it was bonkers which is what I have come to expect from this show.

    3. That Boy Ain’t Right

    Back as Isabella’s house, she’s in the midst of dealing with her sort of alive again son Mikey being back. Mikey is clearly not right and he’s just tearing into raw meat like it’s going extinct. It’s pretty gross and it’s even worse when you combine the demonic voice that’s coming out of him. Blue arrives to confront his sister because he needs the password that Mikey knows. This leads to a big confrontation between Isabella and Blue in which Isabella just lets loose on her brother. She brings up all the embarrassing things he did as a kid and how she knows everything and has the receipts to prove it. Blue, in a show of strength, shoots the reality show producer and one of the other cast members and then points the gun at Isabella. She doesn’t move and it’s so good. I love what Debi Mazar has done with such limited time and I love that she’s not scared of this monster of a guy who she still sees as her pathetic brother. I’m also starting to think the password is BLUE because it is the only word that Mikey can say. Also, it’s so obvious. It’s like making your password “password.” No one in 2018 actually thinks you’d be that obvious and dumb but with this show, that’s totally possible.

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    4. “Get It Out Of Me”

    Okay, so we gotta talk about this because man it’s weird. Smoothie is seen getting the kids ready for their last trip to their “new parents” and this includes them being packaged up in giant doll boxes. Smoothie’s smugness only gets worse when Nick and Merry break into the building because Smoothie finally gets one on one time with Nick and it’s bad, guys, it’s really bad. After knocking Nick out, Smoothie ties him up and strips him naked then proceeds to reveal why he’s named Smoothie. You know how Ken dolls are smooth…ahem, down there? That’s the situation with Smoothie and so he puts on a strap on and begins to rape Nick. I don’t know how to talk about this or how I feel about this. I do think I would have preferred a torture scene closer to what the first episode did but at the same time, I’m glad it wasn’t Meredith put in this situation. It could have been really easy to put another woman in sexual peril for the sake of being edgy but at the same time, I question whether this needed to be what happened to Nick. The episode itself plays it as very dark but even in Nick’s reaction as he knows what’s about to happened, there isn’t much fear. It’s all very weird and feels so out of place to me.

    5. Missed It By That Much

    In the end, after Nick and Meredith shoot the warehouse up, they go after Blue directly. The old Italian witch lady told Isabella that the ball of yarn was a talisman and well, she wasn’t wrong. Blue starts to run away after seeing his guys get shot up but his Christmas sweater gets stuck on barbwire (the ball of yarn, duh) and because of this he’s a sitting duck for Meredith. Meredith finds him but we don’t see what she has planned for him just yet. Then, we see Nick run to the truck and we see the boxes with the kids in them and we almost get a happy ending. All the kids are there and physically okay but Hailey has been taken. This was a really quick ending that flowed really nicely and it was almost nice seeing Nick care so much about what was happening but yet again, the show stops short of making him truly heroic because he basically ignored the other kids and went straight for Hailey. Never forget, Nick is doing a good thing, for selfish reasons because he’s still a very bad person.

    Who took her? Where is she now? We’ll find out next week on the big finale!

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