Five Thoughts on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe‘s “The Fifth Nemesis”

By | May 10th, 2022
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It’s almost time to bid goodbye to Castle Greyskull and this season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. But before we do, let’s hop aboard Battle Cat one last time and, say it with us: we have the power!

1. Gothic Games Begin

“The Fifth Nemesis” adds a gothic dimension to the series that began with the episode before it. All of a sudden Ram Ma’am finds herself terrified of the very thing she spent the season looking for in the gem stuck in her helmet. Edgar Allan Poe is evoked as she stares at her own reflection with the sound of Skelator laughing sinisterly in the background. The lighting is a little darker and cool in temperature to give it an additional otherworldly influence.

2. Father and Son truly together for the first time

It’s been two seasons coming, but finally we have the moment where father and son can stand side by side and be cheered by their people. It’s done in a tasteful way that earns the moment. Prince Adam has come a long way from the boy that hid from his father in the beginning of Season one. Both have gone through personal trials and tribulations and proved their love for each other through their deeds. The show has always managed to thread the right kind of goofy humor to defuse emotional moments. As Adam discovers he has the crowd on instant cheer mode every time he lifts his arms in victory, he plays with it like a kid fiddling with a speaker volume knob.

3. The friends are like family now

There is a funny moment where everyone is huddled at the throne without any royals in sight. This is meaningful because in the first season they had to sneak around like thieves and were chased out like criminals. Duncan really wants to sit on the throne and despite some initial resistance from the crew, he plops his butt down and relaxes.. With even Cringer get in on the action of sitting on the throne, which is another nice moment because it shows that everyone is at home fully. King Randor doesn’t blink, which is a subtle way of saying.. Kids will be kids, and they’re all his kids now.

4. Crass goes Cray

With the help of Skelator possessing her through the gem stuck in her helmet, Crass goes a little crazy and surprisingly becomes the antagonist of season three. Although is it a surprise? She struggled with the most doubt from the beginning of season 1 and has felt the least connected with her super self. Her issues were mental from the beginning and Skelator is taking advantage of her weakness to turn her into a supercharged green energy monster.

5. Winter is Coming

And then the earth shook! I don’t want to spoil the ending because it’s really worth watching, but let’s just say that Prince Adam and the gang have some dark times ahead of them. Oh and a surprise appearance at the end of the episode that is sure to put a twist on the upcoming season. That was fun.

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