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    Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “A Better Yesterday”

    By | July 12th, 2019
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    Well, I must say that Krypton is starting to turn into an extremely thoughtful and complex show. I’m much more impressed with the direction this season is going in as opposed to last year’s. This episode featured a fair amount of character development along with a plot that keeps thickening. The biggest takeaway from this episode: Krypton is starting to turn into a serious show in terms of letting go of characters and actually killing people. Let’s dive right in.

    1. Krypton Gets REAL

    The episode starts off with the confirmation that half of the rebellion’s ground troops are indeed deceased. To skip ahead to the end of the episode, it’s also apparent that Lyta is dead! (We’ll have to wait and see if this is actually true, but it certainly looked it). Not to be too dark, but I’m happy that there are actual stakes in this show! It makes it feel much more real, as opposed to Seg, a powerless Kryptonian, getting lucky at almost every turn. I hope they continue down this road.

    2. Brainiac Continues to Impress

    Man, Seg would’ve been so screwed if Brainiac hadn’t hitched a ride back to Krypton with him. The scene where Seg picks off at least a dozen Sagittari without even looking at them was awesome!; especially given the build-up of the relationship between Seg and Brainiac. I love when villains’ needs and goals align with heroes’, as you get to see a completely different side of that character. Even though I hated Brainiac last season (both for what he was doing and for how his character was developed), I now find myself rooting for him. Can’t wait to see what they do with him for the rest of the season, as he is a wildcard at this point.

    3. Val Represents Kal-El’s Roots

    If we could take one character who truly embodies Superman’s ideals in this show, it has to be Val. Val is the character who is unwavering in his morals, as seen this week when put up against Jax-Ur. Regardless of whether his moral compass will the best for all situations, he will never waver. I’m happy that Krypton has a character who is built off of this ideal, as it wouldn’t feel like a show related to Superman if they didn’t.

    4. Poor, Poor Nyssa

    I have so much sympathy for Nyssa and the situation she has been put in. The amount of guilt she must feel for the rebels that died (although it wasn’t intentionally her fault) coupled with the storm and strife within her when it comes to her allegiance must be too much for one person to handle. I’m curious to see where she ends up in the story. My guess is that she’ll be a tragic figure who sacrifices herself and her wants for the greater good.

    5. Jayna and Dev = Team-Up of the Year

    When I started watching the second season of Krypton, I did not see any of the Jayna/Dev action coming. But I must say, I absolutely love it. Aside from the fact that it’s just plain badass (both of them are some of the best trained warriors on the planet), there is so much emotion and history between them so as to make it more than just a duo of assassins. I hope that they’re team-up days aren’t over now that they rescued Seg; in fact, I would be surprised if we didn’t get some action from the two of them specifically. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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