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Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “Danger Close”

By | July 5th, 2019
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Events continue to move forward in this week’s episode of Krypton: Seg makes some serious headway on confronting Zod and Lyta, Adam once again finds himself in the company Val, and the rebels move forward with their plans to attack the Sagittari. My favorite part of this episode was the fleshing out of past relationships and how they relate to present events. Let’s take a look at some specifics.

1. Opening Scene of Lyta and Seg Meeting

I won’t lie, this scene hit me in the feels. It did a great job of showing the immediate bond that Seg and Lyta felt upon meeting one another. Their chemistry came off as natural as one could ask for in a TV show of this budget, and I legitimately felt like they were soulmates. I’m sure the reason for this scene was to show that no matter how much reconditioning Lyta goes through, it will never take away the strong connection that is present in their relationship.

2. Zod’s Base is Extremely Easy to Sneak Into

Whoever does security for Dru-Zod needs to be fired. How on Earth (or Krypton, rather) do people sneak in their so easily? Seg waltzed right in to see Lyta (side-note: wouldn’t it be nice if all reunions with ex-partners could start the way it did for them?) and it’s shown in a flashback that Dev-Em did the same thing prior to this season’s events. Regardless of the show’s logistical reasons for this, all it does is take away from the integrity of the world that Krypton is building. But I guess worse things have happened on superhero TV shows.

3. Dev the Deserter

We finally get Dev’s story and it is an extremely emotional and convincing one. It’s a complete reversal from the Dev-Em that we met last season and therefore adds a lot of interest to his development. As I said last week, I love what they’re doing with Dev and Jayna’s relationship. It serves to balance out the actions of Lyta, who has essentially been brainwashed by Zod (more on that below). I look forward to seeing how things play out for all of them.

4. Zod the Manipulator

We now know that Zod ended up reconditioning Lyta in order to obtain her allegiance. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this: on one hand, it redeems Lyta and makes me hate her less; on the other, it’s an easy way out to explain how Lyta’s perspective on freedom and justice changed so drastically. I think it would have been more interesting as a viewer to watch Lyta have to come to terms with HER decisions, as opposed to the decisions that were forced upon her. Either way, I’m somewhat relieved that I can forgive Lyta for her treacherous ways.

5. Braniac Lives!

Surprise: Brainiac isn’t dead! This was a solid way to keep Seg from getting brainwashed as well (sure, he’s related to Kal-El, but there’s only so much pure will-power can stand up to advanced technology). It also serves to add a wildcard into the current Kandorian mess. What role will he play? Will he usurp power from Zod and bring us back to the situation that was the end of Season 1? Or will the show use him in a different way so as not to recycle plot material? We’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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