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    5 Thoughts on Krypton’s “Hope”

    By | May 17th, 2018
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    Krypton‘s ninth and penultimate episode was one of its more exciting ones. Between themes like the El’s vs. the Zod’s, Doomsday, and seeing Brainiac in the “flesh”, we are now ready to see how this first season will come to an end. This episodes does a great job of setting the stage for ultimate chaos. As I see them, our biggest questions to ponder for the next week are: What will become of Daron-Vex? When will Doomsday break free and take on Braniac, as we’ve all been waiting for? And how will Adam Strange play his final part in this tale?

    1. Daron-Vex

    As much as I hate him, it’s impossible to deny the importance of characters like Daron-Vex. He is a slimy, slithering snake who’s ability to survive and manipulate any situation he’s a part of will inevitably play a roll in how we see Brainiac get taken down. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that upset to see him getting tortured by Jax-Ur. And once we saw the clones that Jax uncovered due to her interrogation with Daron, a whole host of other questions sprung up. Its hard to say whether or not these clones will play a roll in this season. Either way, I’m interested to see what part Daron plays in the last episode.

    2. House of El vs House of Zod

    One of my favorite aspects of this episode was seeing the true essence of both the Zods and the Els. While Seg is struggling with finding his path forward, Dru and Jayna-Zod attempt to find theirs as well. Both of these situation culminate with each house dealing how one would think. Seg is reminded by his computer of a grandfather that hope is the foundation of the House of El, “not through words, but through actions.” While Seg is confronting this truth, Jayna and Dru do as Zod’s do and attempt to fight to the death. This shows that the House of Zod is built of sheer strength of mind and body. Watching these situations unfold simultaneously was a great way to summarize two trademarks of the Superman franchise. I very much appreciated the show going back towards its roots in this way.

    3. Doomsday

    We know that Doomsday will do SOMETHING in the final episode. If he doesn’t, I want all of my time back from watching this show (not really, but you get the point). It would be beyond ridiculous if this were the case, as he’s been teased ever since Krypton‘s sixth episode. I assume that he’ll take on Brainiac, as that would be the best way to please the fans and he’s honestly the only characters we’ve seen that’s physically strong enough to be a thorn in Brainiac’s side. If that doesn’t happen, the only alternative I’d be willing to accept is Superman coming back in time to kick some Doomsday-ass. There is little to no chance of that happening, so here’s to watching Brainiac getting his butt kicked.

    4. Brainiac!

    We finally saw him arrive on Krypton! And he sure does not disappoint. He looks fantastic in his “true form” (does he really have a true form? He is just a big old computer, after all). I’m hoping that the next episode opens with him giving us a taste of what he can do, now that he’s local.

    5. Val-El is Alive!

    One of the last things Dru-Zod said was that Val-El is still alive. Given that the next episode’s name is “The Phantom Zone,” I’m going to take a wild guess and say that was somehow imprisoned there instead of the death we all thought we saw. I have no clue how this will play into the season’s endgame, but it will most definitely be important. All we can hope for is that he will do the House of El justice in stopping Brainiac and saving for Krypton for the time being.

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