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    Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “Will to Power”

    By | June 28th, 2019
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    We’ve made it to the third episode of Krypton this season, and it continues to get more and more interesting as we delve further into it! This episode was one of the best in terms of showing how the combination of Seg and Adam Strange’s will truly embody the Superman ethos (more on that below). In addition to this, we get to see Zod continuing down his path of conquest, Braniac fighting for his life, and Dev and Jayna-Zod finally making amends.

    1. The End of Seg-Braniac

    Krypton’s depiction of Seg’s and Brainiac’s relationship while both inside Seg’s head has been very successful. I loved the pacing of Seg’s willpower and how he was never duped by Brainiac’s mind games. This was especially apparent when Brainiac decided to use Lyta as bait to take Seg over fully. I got the feeling that Seg knew it wasn’t Lyta the entire time and that he was using the experience to give him some sort of fleeting happiness. Now that Brainiac is “dead” (is he really ever?), we’ll see how he makes his way back into the landscape in future episodes.

    2. What are Zod’s True Intentions?

    It’s difficult to tell what Zod is really after in his conquest for power and control over Kandor. Is he trying to protect it from the “traitors”, or is he actually trying to save it from the armageddon that brings Kal-El to Earth in the years to come? One has to assume that the latter is in his head since, after all, he knows that this will happen eventually if he does nothing. Or perhaps it all leads up to the modern-day Superman being the son of Zod? (a la Justice League: Gods and Monsters). This question may not be answered for some time, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    3. Dev and Jayna’s Mended Relationship

    Jayna and Dev-Zod’s relationship has been a cathartic one, to say the least. They’re handling of her imagined interactions vs. the real ones that occur in this episode fit together nicely and make perfect sense from a development perspective. It’s also refreshing to finally get SOME sort of sane relationship in this show. Hopefully they can be an example to those around them.

    4. Is Braniac Actually Dead?

    As I mentioned earlier, the likelihood that Brainiac is actually dead is next none. My guess is that he’ll find a way to transplant himself into Lobo, since he’s the only other person there. And what a scary thought that is, to have a Brainiac-Lobo running around on the loose. Fingers crossed for a Brainiac-Lobo vs. Doomsday fight!

    5. Adam Strange and Seg’s Bond: Superman’s “Legacy” In Action

    Superman’s “legacy” is seen most in Seg and Adam Strange’s relationship. Between Strange’s love and respect for the Man of Steel and Seg’s family genealogy, they both contribute to this mentality that reminds you of none other than Kal-El himself. I love the implications here; for instance, the end of the episode was one of the first times I truly felt like the show had a connection to Superman. This is due to the never-ending grit that both Seg and Strange feel in their quest to “fix” the timeline. Together, they represent the potential and hope that Superman is all too good at inspiring. I hope the show continues to go in this direction and finds new ways to bring about these character moments.

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