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    Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “World of Rao”

    By | April 12th, 2018
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    In Krypton‘s fourth episode, our focus is brought to Kryptonian politics, the Seg-Lyta-Nyssa love triangle, and Ona’s journey to becoming one of Roa’s younger disciples. This chapter in the series was mostly devoted to developing the landscape of Krypton and fleshing out the power-dynamic while Braniac’s impending arrival creeps forward in the background. While there were some nice moments (especially in scenes with Ona and Kem), the episode moves slowly and puts Braniac, Adam Strange, and anything else directly related to Superman on the back burner.

    1. Kryptonian Politics-Superman Ratio

    I hope this episode was just a world-building one and not indicative of the direction future ones will go. I found myself trying to keep engaged throughout the episode because there’s too much politics! In an era entrenched with depressing news in real-world politics, I choose to watch a show called Krypton because its related to Superman. Instead, we’re getting some very pertinent situations that make me reflect on our own. I think its a noble cause, but I don’t want them to go too far with it. There are plenty of ways to tie in Kryptonian politics while still servicing the fans and giving them a ton of Supes. I’m holding out for the back half of the season to fulfill this desire.

    2. Ona-Kem Scene

    Out of the whole episode, I felt like the scenes with Ona (daughter of Rhom, who was taken over by a Braniac sentry) and Kem (Ona’s self-proclaimed uncle and best friend of Seg’s) were the most heartfelt and engaging. Its impossible not to feel awful for Ona, who is one of the most adorable child-actresses ever cast. As a devoted follower of the Voice of Rao, she eminates nothing but innocence and an intent to serve. Now that Ona’s mother is out of the picture, Kem feels responsible for her and only wants to see her happy. Its heartwarming to watch the two interact, and certainly gives Krypton a warmer side to a dark TV show.

    3. Allies Against Braniac

    Team Seg is not alone in their mission to stop Braniac. Seg is captured by a covert team who is aware of the threat and has a zero-tolerance approach to defending against it. I’m happy to see the show introduce a group who’s interests align with Team Seg, but still varies in different ways (like the method of killing its members for seemingly insignificant mistakes). Regardless, introducing these characters mixes the pot a bit and promises to yield some interesting dynamics within the Kryptonian landscape.

    4. Seg-El

    I’m disliking Seg more and more with each episode. I was able to figure out why in the midst of this one: the show represents him as someone worthy of respect, yet he hasn’t done enough to deserve that yet. He’s dramatic about everything and every action of his seems to be the most dire one ever. It’s for these reasons that I wouldn’t mind seeing him get his ass handed to him, more just to put him in his place than anything. That or for him to just do something awesome that actually makes me respect him.

    5. Ona’s Ascension as a Disciple

    Ona’s new position as a Disciple of Roa is a mixed bag of feelings. While watching the scene take place, I couldn’t help but feel happy because Ona’s life went from chaos to order. However, its important not to forget that she’s selling her soul to an extremist religion and tyrannical ruler. It was interesting to feel both of these emotions at the same time. Even though its a small one, I feel that this is one of the stronger plot points of Krypton due to the complexity of emotion it brings to the table. Its been subtle and in the background, but could also have ramifications for the future of the show.

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