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    Five Thoughts on Legion‘s “Chapter 20”

    By | June 25th, 2019
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    Grab a tea, calmly take a seat, and let us discuss “Chapter 20,” which is the beginning of the final season of Legion.

    1. Time Traveler Wanted

    “Chapter 20” of Legion introduces us to Switch, a time-traveler. Through her listening to Lessons in Time Travel, we’re also introduced to some key ideas around the concept of time travel according to the show. Like how nostalgia is the enemy and how you should try not to disturb the “demon” when you travel through time. All these rules/suggestions about time travel are cleverly presented, though some of the comments on time travel aren’t that easy to digest. They are something the viewer will have to ponder on. And the point to not disturb the demon will for sure be a big part of this last season.

    So let’s travel back to Switch. She’s a time-traveler. It’s not really clear why exactly she wants to help David, but nonetheless, she sees the ad that David’s love cult is in need of a time traveler. She might be wanting to seek to do something more with her life or the curiosity of David and his cult compels Switch. Is it one of David’s mind tricks that led her to want to be David’s time traveler? We’re not told exactly why she wants to help David yet. Except that she sees David as something human and calls the Division robots.

    Since the twists of season two were disturbing, it’s a wise decision for the show to tackle those issues left from season two slowly. Following Switch is a nice change of pace and I’m very interested in learning more about her. We know that she is not feeling “fine” about the state of her current life.

    2. Parts of “Chapter 20” Could Be a Really Good Music Video

    Legion is very self-indulgence with its style and that’s one of the things I really like about it, despite sometimes it’s style over substance feel. When you’re style is very good and so appealing to the eye, sometimes it’s okay to drive your story by tone. “Chapter 20” is very much taking a chance with its style. Parts of this episode could have been a music video. I’m thinking specifically about the scene where Switch is trying to find way her through shuffling coat racks. The use of “Something for your mind” by Superorganism is striking.

    Here’s Superorganism’s music video for “Something For Your Mind.”

    As you can tell from their music video, the bands aesthetic of oddness fits very well with Legion.

    3. Hippie Sci-fi

    That’s the way I would describe the tone of “Chapter 20.” From the metallic hallways representing time travel, hallucinogenic tea, “virgin” hippie mothers, and robots, “Chapter 20” feels like a very cool psychedelic version of The Matrix, without all the black leather. I’ve very much here for season three if this vibe continues.

    4. Her Majesty, The Breakfast Queen

    Aubrey Plaza as Lenny makes an appearance here. She’s helping David by talking to the new cult members before they get a chance to meet David. I hope she plays a larger role in the upcoming final episodes.

    5. The Magic Man

    David is awful. We all know that. He’s now a leader of a hippie love cult. He’s 1,110% crazy. So where does his character go from here? That will be one of the driving forces of this final season. What will be the final say on David? I’m thinking that for the final season, viewers will just be led on a crazy ride of his further downward spiral. How more awful can he get? David’s peace and love presentation in “Chapter 20” is obviously just an illusion.

    With The Shadow King on Division’s side, it’s unsure who the viewer should be rooting for in the show. The Division just seems like they’re going to do whatever it takes to stop David and the apparent oncoming apocalypse. That’s why the addition of Switch is great. She has a clean slate.

    Overall, this is a great start to the final season of Legion.

    Join me next week for “Chapter 21” and remember, don’t trust the mustache.

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