Five Thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Egg MacGuffin”

By | April 30th, 2019
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Everybody believes the demon Neron has been vanquished, but he’s not, he’s in Ray’s body and plotting his takeover. But since everyone else thinks he’s gone, they’re gonna have some fun, like Sara pairing Nate and Zari together to retrieve the titular artifact from New York, 1933, or Charlie posing as Mick’s pen name Rebecca Silver at a book convention.

What, did you think the title meant they were going out for breakfast sandwiches?

1. Book Club

I like Ava and Sara, but I didn’t love them until this episode, with them placing bets on whether Zari and Nate would hook up during their assignment, and the whole book club subplot, which was very endearing. I found Sara’s attempts to actually participate and read the book – even if it meant listening it on speeded-up audio – very relatable as someone who struggles reading non-comic books, and has often undertaken things with great reluctance to demonstrate I’m reliable and friendly. The twist that Ava doesn’t read and uses Mona’s book club as an opportunity to drink wine and unwind from work was equally hilarious.

2. Indiana Jones Homages Everywhere

It feels like years since this show was dabbling in classic film parodies, and while we had an episode with George Lucas, it’s surprising it wasn’t until last night that we had a big Indiana Jones homage. You had the map travel montage, Nate and Zari posing as Henry Jones Junior and Marion Ravenwood, the latter wearing the iconic white dress from Raiders, facing off against Nazis for the golden egg, and Ava using a whip to fend them off (and of course, only Sara could see that and think of S&M). Probably the best nod was Zari kissing Nate’s wounds better after the battle, as it demonstrated they really remembered the film instead of other parodies. Needless to say, I really wanted to rewatch Raiders after this episode.

3. Mick’s Coming Out

So Mick and Charlie go to a romance novel convention, with her posing as Mick’s alter-ego, and him as her bodyguard. However, when Mona finds out Silver is there, Mona crashes the panel, as no one let her in on the plan. As Charlie’s clearly not read the book, Mick finally realizes his books aren’t embarrassing and comes out as the true author of Silver’s books, and is quickly embraced by his fans. It’s a really heartwarming moment, I’m so proud of Mick, but we can talk about Mona’s eyes glowing when she started rallying the crowd for the real Silver? Was she seriously gonna wolf out at Charlie? This girl is really starting to test my patience.

4. Not Groovy

Despite the Evil Dead 2-esque physical comedy of Neron taking control of Ray’s hand (something acknowledged with him quoting Bruce Campbell’s greatest catchphrase), this subplot was definitely not fun. With Constantine out to get supplies to revive the comatose Nora, Ray has to get his apprentice Gary’s help instead. Neron, who needs to force Ray into killing someone he loves to take over his body entirely, breaks Gary’s heart by revealing he’s not suited to the task, since Ray likes but doesn’t love the annoying agent. Who’d have thought that season-long running gag about his nipple being bitten off would become such a devastating reminder of how little the Legends care for him? I don’t know if I’m more grossed out by the return of his nipple, or how the Legends have treated him.

Nate returns to the Waverider, and is almost killed by Ray despite steeling up. It’s only because Ray decides to surrender his body to Neron in exchange for sparing Nate – man I hate it when villains take advantage of people doing the right thing, it’s just awful. Constantine, alerted by the revived Nora as to what’s happened to Ray, shows up to perform an exorcism, not realizing Gary has become Neron’s own Renfield. Defeated, Constantine is taken away by Neron and Gary just before Zari, Sara and Ava get back with the egg.

5. Kinder Surprise

It’s sad and funny how everyone forget to ask Gideon what’s in the golden egg before the end because of what happened. As Zari and Nate finally kiss, they overhear it hatching, and an x-ray reveals it’s a dragon egg, because what could be cooler? What’s also neat is earlier on Constantine used a phoenix feather to revive Nora, because in Chinese mythology one is never far from the other. What kind of a dragon will it be I wonder? Will be it Chinese or European? Can it talk? How long can the show’s producers afford it for? Bring it on, Neron.

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Bonus thoughts:
– Speaking of Indiana Jones, I’d have loved a full-on Mummy adventure: maybe the one from the cold open will escape?
– Only way Sara could’ve broken the fourth wall more is if she winked at the camera.
– It was great hearing Dominic Purcell’s real accent slipping out when he was lecturing Charlie.

See you next week folks, when things get a big nippy (that’s British for cold).

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