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    Five Thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow‘s “The Getaway”

    By | April 9th, 2019
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    We’re in Orlando, 1973, and Nixon cannot tell a lie – wait, what? Yes, it’s true, he admits he’s a crook thanks to (what else) a bug serving the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth Ma’at, forcing the Legends to kidnap the President, and Hank to go on their tail. But most importantly, this gross little intruder forces everyone to stop lying and face some uncomfortable truths – like the fact Mona is now half-Kaupe.

    1. “We forgot Charlie!”

    I think it’s brilliant how this episode had Sara and Ray literally forget (twice!) that Charlie was left posing as Nixon in his hotel room while they had made off with him. This show has become so busy between Nate’s daddy issues, Sara’s girlfriend troubles, Constantine’s boyfriend troubles, Mona’s boyfriend troubles (you get it), that it’s only natural even the characters are unable to track of everyone: it was a fantastic, laugh-out-loud way to acknowledge they’d given her the short end of the stick this week.

    2. Crochet Club

    So no Ava this week (that can’t be good), but we did reunite with Nora. While leading Hank astray during his pursuit in 1973, Zari tasks Gary with uncovering the information on his phone, leading to a profoundly filmed sequence where the simple-minded agent uses his crochet to put up a conspiracy wall, only to realize he’s out of his depth, and needs Nora’s help. Who knew Nora was as talented with tech as she was with magic? (I really hope they form a crochet and hacking club with Zari now.)

    While uncovering Hank’s files, Neron enters the room, forcing her and Gary to hide. While she initially feels she has to cover Gary’s mouth to stop him from making a peep, the demon’s presence affects her personally, forcing her to cover her own mouth. I think the writers and Courtney Ford did a great job of reminding us that Nora’s still traumatized from her experiences as Mallus’s puppet: it’s simply excellent that they don’t think it’s something that can be forgotten and moved on from.

    3. Father-Son Time

    Nate and Hank got to spend some quality time in 1973, which proved to be really emotional despite him only doing it to distract Hank from his pursuit of the Legends, and to help get Nora and Gary a clue to his secret files. Appropriately for an episode centered around the truth, I think the writers did a great job of emphasizing that sometimes multiple things can be true at once. Is Nate only getting his dad to open up about his childhood to uncover his password? Yes. Is he also enjoying getting to know him? Also yes. It also rang very true in Constantine and Sara’s conversation about her pep talks on the road, and when Sara admitted you can still love someone even if they annoy you (because that’s what family’s about right?).

    4. Is that really Mona?

    Sara and Constantine find out Mona’s secret, and we get to see a lot more of her in beast mode. I have to admit, I simply do not see Mona underneath those prosthetics: I can’t even tell if that’s Ramona Young wearing the make-up, or a body double, which is a problem if you’re trying to convince me they’re the same person. This is a TV show, I don’t expect them to use the same technology afforded to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk or Josh Brolin as Thanos, but the issue is quite simple: the gold contact lenses used mean it’s utterly impossible to recognize Mona, and since eyes are the window to the soul, that’s a problem when you’ve buried away everything else (including her voice).

    On a related character note, it was kinda contrived Mona felt she had to poke a breathing hole in the jar containing Ma’at’s servant: most people, even the most compassionate ones like her, don’t care about insects.

    5. Uh oh

    I found Hank reconciling with the Legends a little sudden: that must’ve been some really good ice cream if he just took his son’s word that he should trust them right? In any case, it’s all moot now: when Hank comes to tell Neron he no longer wants to experiment on the Fugitives, Neron responds by sucking out his soul and framing Nora (who promptly escapes Nate). Boy, things are gonna be awkward between Ray and Nate right now…

    Continued below

    Bonus thoughts:
    – A Tricky Dick pun! And in the first two minutes too!
    – Mick continues to just be full of hidden depths: this week he turns out to be a big Sundance Film Festival fan, and Ma’at’s bug compels him to admit he wants a full head of hair like Fabio.
    – Little red button gag went nowhere this week sadly.
    – Nate admits he’d be open to dating Zari! I knew it, couples pretending to be together always wind up really falling for each other!

    Next week: is Hank really dead? And why’s everything gone Bollywood?

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