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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “High School Poppycock”

    By | February 27th, 2018
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    Lucifer takes on trolls and fan expectations in the most on the nose way possible (but everything this show does is on the nose). We get more Amenadiel and Linda drama, and actual being friends cuteness from Chloe and Lucifer. All in all, a solid week. Let’s dive in!

    1. “The Death of the Author”

    Paul if you’re reading this I expect a witty comment.

    The episode opens following Lucifer’s dream of Chloe dying as the pair are driving to a crime scene where a YA author has been killed. I think this might one of the first times that we have seen Chloe and Lucifer in the car together, but anyway. We get a dead author, killed by her own typewriter, at the end of finishing her series. Kind of a neat idea, but at this point Lucifer has killed so many celebrities and famous people I’m surprised there’s any left. We get angry fanfic writers complaining about the ending not being out soon enough, the whole series is based on her crappy, operatic high school experience, it’s just like real life. Lucifer’s whole schtick this week, still trying to figure out how to kill Pierce, who is surprisingly absent this episode, is actually explored well and less crazily than other weeks. Lucifer doesn’t put in anyone in danger for his crazy mission which is always a plus. It’s actually Chloe who goes off the rails this week…

    2. Drops of Jupiter

    Ah that sweet, sweet sound of shitty music from 2001. So the whole YA book series is called Class of 3001 and is based on all these people this woman went to high school with who she didn’t even change the names of. I’m surprised they haven’t sued her all yet. Also all these people still act and behave like they did when they were in high school in 2001. I guess the more things change? Anyway.

    Chloe gives us the details this week that she didn’t have a normal high school experience cause child actor life. She eats the novels up, stays up all night reading them, and goes all fangirl over the characters at the high school reunion that her and Lucifer go undercover at. It’s really hilarious. It’s also a great reminder that for some people high school was as good as it got. Sad. Anywho, all these grown ass adults sleeping around and sneaking into pools at night, and Chloe fawning over it all is great. And Lucifer’s prom gift to her in the end was very cute. Although I hope with the subtle preachiness about online trolling and fan stuff, that all these people still being stuck in a high school mindset isn’t a subtle jab that all trolls are basically still kids. Even though maybe they kind of are? Who knows.

    3. “You have a tendency to overreact”

    Ah the romantic Linda and Amenadiel subplot is still the weakest part of the episode. But at least they connect this week. So Linda and Amenadiel have continued to sneak around and are still very much smitten with one another, and Maze finally decides to do something about it. She sets Linda up on a blind date with the guy that Lucifer impersonates at the high school reunion while she is babysitting him, and he is quite a catch…not really. Eventually it all finally boils over, just in time for Chloe and Lucifer to come arrest the guy for maybe being a murder suspect.

    Look, Linda’s character gets butchered this whole episode and Rachel Harris delivers lines through her teeth some because she’s been reduced to being in love with Amenadiel. I don’t blame her, it’s absurd. Same for Maze and their feud over whether or not Linda and Amenadiel can be together since her and Linda are friends and Maze and Amenadiel were together. They break up at the end, which is unnecessary, and only furthers Amenadiel’s arc this season. I hope they don’t kill Linda so that Amen gets to go full bad again, as it’s seeming like that might be the case, especially with the ending of last episode which sets him up as the main antagonist perhaps going forward.

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    4. Fan expectations

    So, unsurprisingly, Kathleen was killed for her ending not being sexy enough. Basically she wanted the book to end with little fanfare and just acknowledge to the world that all these people she went to high school with are merely people, nothing more. No robot wars or crazy action sequences, just a simple ending. But since the editor wants that sweet money magic, she gotta go. There’s a lot here insofar as we do this writers and authors when characters behave how we don’t expect, or endings take a turn, or people die. We don’t want our stories to be simple or easy and our vision has to always be different. The message is very heavy handed, but I expect more television shows and books and movies to take on harassment culture and fandom in the future.

    5. Catholic time travel

    No I’m not talking about the Immaculate Conception.

    So Lucifer’s big plan to kill Cain now is to go back in time and stop him from murdering Abel… yeah.
    Well good luck with that?

    That’s all I got folks. Sound off in the comments and come back next week for more Lucifer insanity!

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