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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “The One with the Baby Carrot”

    By | October 10th, 2017
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    Yes the title is referencing Friends and micropenises. There is not enough alcohol in the world to make this show not feel like hot bullshit. Someone get me another drink. Anyway…

    1. “Gruesome manscaping”

    Lucifer brings home a lady to begin the episode, as is his usual wont, only for his wings to pop out when he…you know…pops out. The girl is totally down cause she says she’s real into cosplay and he kicks her out. I don’t get how she wouldn’t understand that the wings popped out of his freaking body and are real? But whatever. Thus begins the continued quarrels that God is testing Lucifer, and that the Sinner Man is somehow behind it all. It’s really interesting watching Lucifer deal with being more angelic this season rather than scary, but I actually really liked when this show leaned into the horror elements more. Still don’t know why he doesn’t show Chloe. She may not get the devil thing at this point, but she’d understand a little bit I’d imagine.

    2. Bobby Lowe’s puppet show

    The murder this episode revolves around a failing stand-up comedian who is killed, seemingly at first by a better comedian with a television show named Bobby Lowe which sounds like a douchey comedian name. Lowe’s show is about imaginary friends and anxiety and problems, which is a great premise, but not with puppets. Ella is enthralled which is hilarious. Puppets are weird, and it’s even weirder that there is a gun on the set of the show in the hand of one of the puppets and that Lucifer, in typical Lucifer fashion, accidentally shoots Bobby in the arm! How does he not get arrested like all the time!

    3. Tom Welling why?

    I thought Tom Welling being on this show last episode was going to be awesome. Now I’m less sure.

    Welling spends the first part of this episode spying on Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, and Ella at the crime scene (and not doing his job I imagine) before showing up in Lucifer’s apartment later to warn him to back off the Sinner Man (Sinnerman? Cinnabon?) investigation. I’m tired of people showing up in other’s people’s homes, it’s not realistic. I feel like no one on television knows what privacy is. Anyway, turns out Lieutenant Pierce fled Chicago after the Sinner Man killed someone close to him, and warns Lucifer to back off the investigation. Clearly he doesn’t know Lucifer as well as he thinks after reading his whole file. By the end of the episode they’re silent partners on the hunt for this assumedly holy character.

    I really thought, Welling was gonna be an angel, or a demon, or a ghost, or a Nephilim or something. Having him be a terrified cop seems less cool. But, there’s still time. And clearly the Sinner Man is playing the long game. ith 26 episodes though they better not string this along as bad as the God’s wife plot last season though.

    4. “Angel wing dumpster fire”

    This is going to be my new Christina metal band name.

    The whole subplot of this episode with Linda and Amenadiel having to get rid of Lucifer’s wings he keeps cutting off because they keep growing back, while both dealing with the trauma of last season, was really good. This show is at some of its best when it is exploring the fallout of all of Lucifer’s selfish and brash decisions, whether that’s Amenadiel struggling with being tested by his Father and trying to figure out if he’s worthy and what his purpose is, to Linda deflecting all of her psychological trauma from almost dying the end of last season. When they light Lucifer’s wings on fire, there’s a real sense of closeness and vulnerability that this show needs more of, but struggles to do because it comes at the expense of the humor and probably pisses conservatives off with screwed up biblical imagery. Maybe some people would be offended by burning angel wings.

    Also I’m surprised it took 32 episodes for someone to jokingly call Amenadiel “Amen.” Would’ve made that joke day 1.

    5. Back on the bullshit

    So I think I’ve figured out the plot for the Sinner Man arc, however long it lasts. By the end of the episode Lucifer realizes he hasn’t been doing enough devilish things lately, which is perhaps been hampered by the loss of his “devil face” (budget cuts perhaps?) He realizes the Sinner Man is being more devil than the Devil, and being the vain Brit that he is, gets back on the giving out favors train, which was a key part of the first few episodes of the first season. Basically, the Sinner Man is giving him his wings back, and gonna lure him back into being the best devil ever and then either kill him to unleash something worse or send him back to hell. Not sure yet. But look for Lucifer to get darker, or at least I hope.

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    Additional thought: Again I ask, where is Mazikeen…

    That’s all folks, sound off in the comments below with all the micropenis jokes I didn’t make in this review.

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