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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “The Sinnerman”

    By | December 5th, 2017
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    After taking a week off we are back with more Lucifer as the plot gets rolling a little bit, Tom Welling gets out of the hospital (yes I do plan to continue to refer to him as Tom Welling rather than Pierce, he is playing Tom Welling), and the Sinnerman arrives. Let’s dive in!

    1. Angel School

    We open with Linda and Lucifer in a regular therapy session and she is trying to figure out how all the angels got their powers, since Lucifer can do his desires schtick and Amenadiel can stop time and so forth. Which comes first the powers or the personalities? All good questions. Luci throws out some Hogwarts bs and then takes off basically. It’s really sad and funny seeing Linda still struggling with all of the celestial shenanigans, as we know it’s slowly driving her insane.

    Later when her and Amenadiel are talking about the whole thing, he gives a slightly more nuanced answer, but still thinks it’s hilarious then they start making out, and also Maze walks in and interrupts their conversation. I’m fine with Linda and Amenadiel, it even makes a little bit of sense and redeems some of her early boning Lucifer for payment. She has come a long way. Her seemingly emotionless objection to the first kiss was weird, and then Maze being sad about it all episode seemed really off for her as well. Really all the Maze stuff this week was off but we’ll get to that.

    2. Chloe wants some of that Super D

    Tom Welling also returns to the fore this week, out of the hospital from what has seemed like his months and months of recovering from being shot. He’s clearly into Chloe and she is clearly into him and they sort of begin to realize that this episode. I think Ella calling it again and again means she has some powers we don’t know about yet, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Superman is basically the Lucifer stand-in for the bulk of the middle of the episode while Luci is trapped in the freezer, and they really have some good emotional beats, and seeing Tom Welling arrest the Sinnerman at the end was a good touch. That last shot before Lucifer goes to interrogate the Sinnerman of the slo-mo in the precint with Chloe staring at Superman and Lucifer observing everyone was really awesome and showcased all of the emotions flying.

    I have no idea where this relationship is going. I still think Welling might be sort of evil. But it was a good foil for Lucifer and highlight of the whole theme of this episode which is basically desire and trying to lead with that and not always getting what you want.

    3. Maze is back!

    Maze is back, but oddly not good again. She just shows up in a few random places all throughout the episode and it’s a really odd experience. First and foremost it’s weird because we the auduience haven’t seen her in weeks, even though the characters of the show have seen her and think she’s just been off bounty hunting. This provided a not great transition back into her caring about Linda and Amenadiel all episode. Secondly, her just being worried about Linda’s new relationship all episode, enough to keep Lucifer trapped in the Sinnerman’s freezer, was also another choice that didn’t pay off for me. It wasn’t really funny when it’s clearly life or death for Lucifer to get out. Now if they’d have had a more in depth conversation about Lucifer being selfish it would’ve made more sense. Instead they talk about Linda and Amenadiel. Just let the doctor be happy!

    4. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte

    I’m still wondering how I feel about Charlotte being back in a more permanent capacity on the show. She serves a roll here being the medium between the mobsters and the police on her first day of her new job. I could be wrong, but I would think working for the DA’s office also means you go to work at the DA’s office…but maybe not? I’m getting a humanities master’s degree what do I know about the “real world.” Anyway. She also gets caught in all the tragic “I can’t have what I want” drama that Lucifer and Maze get into, just wanting to be good and trying really hard but coming up short. I’m not sure where they’re going to take her character, but her crying in a men’s room stall seems like a backslide. I want to believe she’s going to serve a purpose.

    Continued below

    5. “You will never know what I desire”

    And now onto the Sinnerman. Last scene aside, I was underwhelmed. He kills some people in Chicago, flees to LA, and just goes on murdering people slightly connected to Lucifer. I get that they gotta drag the mystery out all season, but right now I’m not sure what to make of him at all, especially since they’re gonna pull The Dark Knight trope of capturing the bad guy and that being what he wants. We don’t know how he gave Luci his wings back or stole his devil face or whatever else is going on, or why he’d wanna kill Tom Welling’s brother. Starting to think there’s a bigger, better bad lurking around. I will hand it to them though, the Sinnerman carving his eyes out so Luci can never do his desires trick on him is some quality comic book horror. That at least gives me a glimmer of hope we’ll get some more mystical goodness next week before we break until January.

    That’s all this week folks! Sound off in the comments and come back next week for the fall finale!


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