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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “Til Death Do Us Part”

    By | January 30th, 2018
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    And we’re back with another episodic episode of Lucifer with all the manufactured drama one can stomach! But hey the show managed to stick in a Kryptonite pun this week (thanks Smallville). Oh and the devil gets married (again?) Let’s dive in!

    1. I’ve wanted to die since the Bronze Age

    We open the episode in typical gag format, Lucifer invites Pierce over and breaks out a chainsaw. We then learn all the different ways that Pierce has tried to kill himself over the course of the last “6000 years,” with a wide range (and including volcanoes). Lucifer asks him if he cut him in half would both halves become Pierce’s and Pierce gives him the “No only one half would grow back ,” and Lucifer says “Ah Wolverine rules I get it.” So interesting that we can get a Marvel reference on a DC show. Lucifer tries to stab him with one of Maze’s knives and we still get nowhere. Clearly Lucifer can’t be this dumb to think that any of these would work right? I also keep coming back to wondering how Pierce was in the hospital so long when he got shot with Chloe, but can take all of Lucifer’s shit no problem? Hmmm.

    2. K-Pop and wood chippers

    Yeah so ecstasy, Japanese pop music, and dead people in wood chippers. Yeesh. We’re really breaking out the gore for the heck of breaking out the gore this episode. Contrast that with point 3, and these deaths and cases are starting to make less and less sense and matter less and less every week. Alright we have a ecstasy cook. She must have gang connections. Check. Lucifer will probably go rough them up illegally and stupidly. Check. Then we’ll launch into an absurd scheme to find the killer. Check. The killer will probably be someone we meet within 5 minutes of the investigation. Check. They’ll give a one minute explanation at the end of the episode to wrap things up in a non-satisfying way, but gets at the heart of the theme of the episode. Check. Seriously, the wife killing the drug cook because she thought her husband was cheating when he was just buying her adderall is ludicrous. 99% of the problems of this show could be solved by people talking to each other. Good thing married Pierce and Lucifer was funny, but these cases of the week are starting to bore me.

    3. Mark and Luke

    So Lucifer’s big scheme this week is to try to get Pierce to open up about his feelings and who he is in order to find a weakness to figure out how best to kill him. Of course they then have to pose as a married couple to contrast Cain’s fears of always being alone. The whole bit though was really funny. Choosing Mark and Luke as names was real biblical. Lucifer throwing a crazy lawn party to get everyone in the neighborhood to hate him was very him. Them arguing, for the second week in a row, and putting themselves and others in danger will probably continue to happen. But they sell it. When Lucifer storms off threatening the sting it’s kind of adorable, like they’re actually married. I got a laugh out of their scenes. That’s probably the best thing I can say for the episode.

    4. Normal is a setting on the dryer

    Subplot of the week time:

    Maze has gotten all kinds of weird since she got back. She’s oddly sexually attracted to Charlotte this whole week because she smells like hell, and it’s…really odd. How does Maze not realize Charlotte is alive and back? Why is this the first time they’re having this interaction? How does she show up to Dan and her’s date? I have no idea. I’m beginning to suspect the writers have no idea what to do with Maze and so they’ve made her jealous of Linda and Amenadiel (a plot point not touched this week as those characters don’t appear) and just altogether more odd. Charlotte and Dan’s relationship though is cute. I don’t know why Dan would still want to date her after the weird goddess sex stuff, but them trying to be “normal” is a nice contrast to the unnecessary absurditites. I hope it works out for them, they deserve to be happy. And to have something to do on this show.

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    5. It was still a nice moment

    So if you haven’t been able to tell Chloe and Pierce kind of like each other, but Pierce isn’t having it because he’s immortal and knows she’ll die. Him putting a stop to anything before it happens is really sad to see. But Chloe and him admitting they had a moment is charming. I will say, I am sure their relationship will progress somehow this season much to the chagrin of Lucifer, which will upset the friendship him and Pierce now have. Again, Chloe will be at the heart of the conflict, she won’t know why cause she still doesn’t know Lucifer is the devil, and then we’ll just move along into season 4. Hopefully the next 11 episodes play out less predictably. But if we just spend the time doing plot to kill Cain/case of the week it’s going to be a long march to May.

    Am I being overly critical? Should I sit back and just enjoy the ride and entertainment? Let me know in the comments below and come back next week as Amenadiel takes a shot at killing Cain.

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