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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards”

    By | October 31st, 2017
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    We’re back with more Lucifer, more Charlotte Richards (post-mum), and more…Wonder Woman? Let’s dive in!

    1. Motherclunker

    The episode begins innocently enough with Chloe and Trixie getting into a spat aboout Trixie’s newfound cussing habit and her putting money into a swear jar. Lucifer comes over for them to get their newest case and comments on the absurdity of the practice before offering her a loophole and telling her she can say things like “motherclunker,” “clusterduck” and so forth. It’s pretty funny, but I just am constantly baffled Chloe hasn’t banished Lucifer from her house. Clearly he’s a bad influence. But I love the Lucifer and Trixie relationship, it’s honestly really adorable. Really just Trixie and everyone. Also Trixie having a Wonder Woman doll is a nice touch.

    2. Pudding Power Activate

    The pudding gag really gets kicked into gear this episode as the case of the week is a food scientist at the pudding company Dan and Ella get their pudding from that Lucifer always steals. The guy apparently died in a steaming vat of pudding. Yeesh.

    As the investigation moves along Charlotte Richards (the not goddess of the universe Charlotte Richards) gets called in to represent the pudding company and then everything goes to hell from there. There’s some fun commentary about sexualizing food to sell it, but really what I want to know is if the pudding causes kidney stones and renal failure when is Dan gonna die? Also won’t lots of people die? Lot’s of unanswered questions here.

    3. Motherlover

    So Charlotte Richards. Oh boy. So she doesn’t remember any of the last few months when she was possessed by Lucifer’s mom, and instead was in hell suffering for her crimes as an attorney defending known criminals. Instead of admitting that and risking being put into a facility she has gone about life as normal which includes, being divorced and not having custody of her kids, practicing law again, and overall being alone. When Dan pushes her as to why she screwed with him so much, she gets the idea that it must’ve been because she was dating Lucifer and cheated on Dan. She rushes to Lucifer’s and well things get really Freudian.

    All in all I think the characterization in this moment of Charlotte as a broken person in need of something to put her life back together is really powerful. And it speaks to how selfish and self-centered Lucifer is that he let’s people’s lives be destroyed without a second thought. She goes off the deep end at the end though.

    4. Oh Mother

    So the episode ends with the reveal that the death of the food scientist was apparently a staged suicide so that the two pudding companies would be forced to come forward saying their pudding was killing people. I don’t much care for suicide as cheap plot development, but sure.

    So Charlotte, realizing she went to hell, is trying to make her life better and prevent that from happening again, and so instead of acting like a normal, rational lawyer, she kidnaps the three murder suspects, who actually didn’t kill anyone, and points a gun at them and says talk. Something tells me that that doesn’t earn brownie points with God. Lucifer talks her down finally and the three go down for some corporate gobbldygook, and Lucifer takes Charlotte home and they share a drink and Lucifer says hello to the new Charlotte Richards for the first time. Honestly good stuff, and it forecasts some plot development for Luci as I think he will finally move out of the brash, selfish bullshit he’s been on since season 1. Now if him and Chloe would finally get together everything would be great. Something tells me a former Man of Steel is going to get in the way…

    5. Other odds and ends

    So I had too many questions at the end of the episode that I felt needed to be asked, because as much as there was good charcater stuff in this episode this show doesn’t care two shits about plot. Ever.

    Where are Maze, Amenadiel, and Linda the whole episode?
    How do people keep breaking into Lucifer’s house?
    Continued below

    How can Chloe still think Charlotte is Lucifer’s stepmom?
    Why’d Charlotte just try to bone Lucifer instead of asking if they were a thing?
    Will her and Dan ever go out for coffee?
    What’s up with Ella? She’s even more quirky and derivative this season, when do we get to know more about her and her criminal history, etc? Also taking bets on how long it takes her and Dan to hook up.
    How does Charlotte get away with violating her attorney/client privilege so often? She’s a really bad lawyer.
    Also how come she doesn’t get arrested at the end of the episode for literally threatening to kill people?

    Trust me there’s more but we’re out of time. Happy Halloween! Eat some candy and watch some horror movies, after sounding off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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