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    Five Thoughts on Lucifer‘s “What Would Lucifer Do?”

    By | October 24th, 2017
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    It’s like last episode didn’t even happen this week as we catch up with the rest of the season and your favorite devil.

    1. Ball pit loving

    So this episode begins in much the same way that many of the episodes of this show have with Lucifer having sex with a random woman, trying to fulfill their inner desires. It just so happens that all this married woman wants to do is screw in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. Gross. I don’t know of another unsanitary place.

    Anyway her husband comes home, Lucifer goes to talk him down, he’s a judge, he wants to of course kill him. Lucifer goes all devil-y on him though and gets out that all he really wants to do is nap because he’s partying and having too much sex, and he’s an old man judge dude and needs his beauty sleep after too much sleeping with his beauty. In hilarious fashion, as is this show’s wont, Lucifer trades him all the nap time he wants and the ability to rekindle his former marriage, while Lucifer keeps his current wife happy. Then later in the episode Lucifer makes good on the favor and gets a suspect’s record. This might be my favorite opener of the season, it was funny, it served a purpose outside of just showcasing Luci being Lucifer, and showed how unfulfilling this life is becoming for him. And it serves as a foil later in the episode.

    2. WWLD?

    Remember when Amenadiel was a full formed character? And evil? And made me want to dress like him? Clearly he doesn’t.

    Amen spends part of this episode trying to figure out what God’s plan is for him since he’s released his Father is testing him and Lucifer is the chore. This ends hilariously with him on the floor of Lux doing what is probably the most laughable Lucifer impression, but looking hella good doing it, before ending up hooking up with a prostitute who he doesn’t realize is a prostitute and getting bailed out by Dan. Having binged this show recently, I think Amenadiel is the one character who’s continually getting shifted and really deserves better. He needs his own arc that takes him completely outside of being Lucifer’s most sad, loyal, caretaker, and I don’t think that’s what we’re getting this season.

    3. How’d you get that horse?

    So the crux of the episode revolves around the murder of a camp counselor at a juvenile reform camp and Lucifer’s assumption that one of the kids killed her and that no one can truly change. He then goes to teach all the kids how to run a drug operation and be criminals which is absurd but sure, and it just turns out one of the girls is already doing just that at the camp so all the kids start becoming drug peddlers and Lucifer gets stoned.

    I mean hey if this show is truly going to lean into the absurd this is the way to go. And watching Chloe ask Lucifer how he got a white horse is honestly pretty great.

    4. Superman can’t take bullets like he used to

    As the episode goes on we get to the obvious conclusion that the camp director is of course the killer. We all saw that coming right? That is the one thing this show struggles with is convincing investigations, but that’s a lot of cop shows. And we’re all here for the devil stuff anyway.

    When Chloe, Lucifer, and Lieutenant Pierce all realize this, Lucifer has to leave to go screw the judge’s wife per their arrangement and Decker and Pierce head to the camp to catch the killer. Chloe confronts him about not letting her be the union rep for the station to which Pierce finally shows the smallest bit of compassion, telling her that job is for has-beens (which makes it hilarious when Dan gets it in the end of the episode) before taking a bullet for her. It’s not a kryptonite bullet, it’s a real one, gotta keep reminding myself that he isn’t Superman. It’s really cute actually watching them bond, and really sad watching Lucifer get pissed he wasn’t there to protect her because of his selfishness. I’m calling the Pierce/Decker romance which will end in Lucifer killing Pierce or something. Anyway…

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    5. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

    Finally, the end of the episode, and the best, sees Amenadiel confront Lucifer telling him he is evolving and Lucifer telling this awesome story about hell and torturing this guy and digging into the cool devil stuff this show should so more and all the time. At the end Lucifer throws his glass at a mirror and just stares, knowing he can’t make his devil face because of the Sinner Man, and contemplating his life. I want Lucifer to evolve this season so bad. He can still crack jokes and be an unconventional detective while also being not just an archetype of ridiculous antics. Come on Fox!

    That’s all for this week. Charlotte’s back next week (how I have no idea), so sound off in the comments below and see you all for more devilish antics next week.

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