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    Five Thoughts on Luke Cage‘s “For Pete’s Sake”

    By | July 13th, 2018
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    We’re back with episode nine of Luke Cage Season Two. “For Pete’s Sake” is a pressure cooker, with Luke and Misty trying to protect Mariah, Tilda, and James, from Bushmaster.

    1. Let’s make a deal.
    After some prodding from Luke, Misty embraces the idea of giving Mariah immunity from prosecution for illegal weapons sales in return for testimony against Bushmaster.

    I found it odd that Luke had to point out that giving Mariah immunity from the gun sales doesn’t mean that she can’t be prosecuted for Ridenhour’s murder and that his testimony wouldn’t be worth much against her. Misty’s an experienced New York City cop and should know as much as Luke, if not more. I’m not sure if that was meant to show how emotionally compromised Misty was, or something else.

    Soon after, Misty makes a compelling case against the deal with Luke, and then an equally compelling one for it with Deputy Chief Ridley.

    Misty has enough self-awareness to recognize that she’s embracing a deal with Mariah that is worse than what she condemned Ridenhour for, but it doesn’t make it seem any more right to me. I’m not sure where she’s going at this point.

    2. Mariah tells the truth.
    Meanwhile, Mariah is who she is. The unfinished building Danny told Luke to use is a marooned ship and she is the mutineer. She’s Dr. Zachary Smith, but a little less charming. She even plays Luke’s father.

    Mariah finally tells Tilda the truth about who her father is. How she tells her, and what she says, finally gives us a glimpse of who Mariah really is. There is no heart of gold under that tough veneer. She’s irrevocably damaged.

    Alfre Woodard turns in a fantastic performance. She has been one of the best cast members of this show since last season, but she is on fire in this scene, conveying a full range of emotion and successfully eliciting pity and hate at the same time.

    This scene and later events seem to point toward Tilda sticking around as a series regular. She’s got a hell of a backstory now, and she seems to be on the verge of a discovery about nightshade.

    3. I never trusted her!
    Raise your hand if you’re surprised by Nandi claiming the reward for Mariah.

    Now smack yourself with it. As far as cartoonish caricatures go, Nandi is a bit extreme.

    What’s even more galling is Mariah called it 2 1/2 minutes into the episode when she said: “Your Harlem cops would jump to claim a mil for taking me down.”

    Having the traitor be Nandi is a bit on the nose though. Having it be Bailey would have been a nice surprise.

    4. Luke and James have a moment.
    After the pandemonium in Queens, Luke and his father speak, and it appears that Luke is ready to forgive.

    It felt very much like a goodbye, which would leave Luke without only Misty to lean on, and she has problems of her own.

    5. Rose’s door again!
    The problem of why Rose didn’t make room on the door for Jack raises its ugly head again when Luke’s father digresses into the eternal quandary at the end of Cameron’s Titanic with Luke.

    I wonder if someone is working on a Warriors/Titanic mashup?  Can you dig it?

    Until that hits the Netflix, I’d settle for someone standing in the Harlem Paradise office and proclaiming “I’m the king of the world!”

    “For Pete’s Sake” put some of the players in our drama together and gave them a little bit of cabin fever. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

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