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    Five Thoughts on Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s “Symbiotic Relationship”

    By | September 27th, 2017
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    I mentioned last time that they took a week off then dumped three episodes in our laps. So unfortunately I am playing a little catch up here. It is almost NYCC time so I am also playing before catch up (prep up?) to get ready. Work, school, kids, etc all need to be covered while I am away for 4 days so I am behind on my 5 thoughts for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The world will move on.

    I am going to try and bang out the two other episodes to get to this weeks, which I did watch as well. Apparently they had the same idea and just banged out the two episode as well as both “Symbiotic Relationship” and “Stark Expo” were no where near as good as “Sandman” or this week’s episode. This time around I will look at “Symbiotic Relationship,” a black suit episode. Well, the one and only black suit episode I guess?

    As always, spoilers abound below so if you don’t your animated Spider-Man cartoon spoiled I guess stop reading here.

    1. Don’t Get Cocky Crooks

    The episode opens on a robbery with the individuals all wearing Spider-Man masks. The joke is the real Spidey shows up but obviously he is now black suit and they are wearing red suit. Except as he lands on the van one crook actually is like no sweat, Spidey does not even know how to use those powers of his. The balls on this guy. I mean he has for the most part struggled as Spider-Man so far in the series but nothing in the way that would make me think, average Joe, could handle Spider-Man. I get that its a nod to the evolution that happens with the use of the symbiote but this guy. He might get taken care of rather effortlessly by Spidey but I sense great things for this unnamed pile of low level villain confidence.

    2. Law Is Weird

    The Vulture returns this episode because Osborn bails him out of prison. Is that a thing? I know you can pay bail before a trial for release but is there a question at all that he is not guilty. Not only that lets say again he is on bail waiting his trial definitely can not just be flying around in that armor. He is also literally a flight risk. The cops don’t even care and threaten to arrest Spider-Man for harassing Vulture as he is flying around in his suit! It is honestly no wonder these villains are also back out on the street causing trouble.

    3. The Maguire Effect

    “Just a little confidence brah.”

    So, what is now a staple of the black suit saga is Peter’s new attitude. I remember 90’s animated edgy Peter yelling at Flash and it scared me. Then Toby Maguire did what he did in Spider-Man 3. Our Peter goes through a bit of the same cycle but in the tamest of transformations. He pretty much just acts like a bro for a bit and almost beats a bad guy to death. You know, kids stuff. It is not well developed. Oh man, I just remembered he actually fights himself. The suit makes him punch himself and they go at it. I had almost forgot that part. 

    4. And It’s……Gone

    I know with the symboite the story it comes in two waves. The first is the black suit and then second is Venom. Everyone likes Venom. I mean, I love Venom. The black suit portion of Spidey’s journey plays a lot into who he is, though. There is a lot to explore about who Peter is and what that type of power does to him. This series chooses to play it pretty by the numbers. He got the suit last episode and he lost it this episode meaning he was really only fused with the symbotie with one episode.

    Following an episode about Sandman which I expected no character development, but contained the most of the series an episode like this I expected to do a lot of Peter as a character. It does almost nothing. I know it is probably asking too much but this show seems to be flying through plot points. Hopefully the case is they are looking to get this stuff out of the way fast and on to something newer and original.

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    5. Let’s Make a Deal With Osborn

    The best thing to come out of this episode is Spidey interacting with Osborn. This series’ Osborn is maybe one of my favorite adaptations. They have not pushed him as the Green Goblin yet and his power and fear come from just his presence as Norman Osborn. The back and forth with him and Peter with his voice booming with an echo was great this episode. Like I have said the villains so far have been fairly tame and watered down. While we have not seen Osborn in the villain role directly, he already feels like the most threatening character on the show. For an episode all about the black suit, he stole the show.

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