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Five Thoughts on Masters of the Universe: Revelation’s “Comes with Everything You See Here”

By | December 21st, 2021
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Hi folks! Welcome to our weekly recap of Masters of the Universe: Revelation. This is the last episode of the show, and it is named “Comes with Everything You See Here,” it is a spectacular sequel/conclusion to the original show, I honestly loved the episode and loved the series as a whole, let’s dive in.

1. Orko is back

The war for Eternia has begun, in one side we have every living creature, in the other hand we have Scare-Glow and his army of undead Shadow Beasts, and it’s not an easy fight, the team led by king Randor is fighting with strength, but Scare-Glow feeds on fear, and that is something that there is plenty of.

Luckily, one more person awakened when the undead rose: An all new Orko is back, and his powers are stronger than ever. It might be because The Celestial Apex is enhancing the Power of all magic beings, or maybe because of his confidence is all up, but this is a new Orko, fully fulfilling his powers as an oracle, he saved Duncan and Andra, helped in the fight against Evil-Lyn and, more importantly, he fought against the King of Subternia, and even uses the same tactics against Scare-Glow, if fear tastes so good, the king of it must be delicious.

This is an opportunity to talk again about the cast, my favorite performance was, sadly, one of the shortest, Griffin Newman as Orko did an excellent job, just like Mark Hamill, Liam Cunningham, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lena Headey, the only one that felt a little bit underwhelming, at least to me, was Chris Wood as Prince Adam, but it’s not like it was all wrong or something like that, it just wasn’t as spectacular as the rest of the cast.

2. What saving the universe feels like

In the fight between Orko and Lyn, he manages to take the sword from her, and Adam catches it, finally being able to call the Power, He-Man is back! But weirdly enough, he also calls the power for Skeletor, and he is understandably baffled by He-Man’s choice, why would you power up your own enemy, even though they are working together at the moment?

And He-Man’s reasoning is friggin great, that way, Skeletor will know “what saving the universe feels like”, he has been spending all his life on the bad side, how can someone like that can have redemption? Well just like that, it feels better doing the good thing, even though it is never easier.

Of course, Skeletor is pathologically unable to feel empathy, so as soon as he can, he treasons our heroes, fortunately, He-Man is aware that the villain chose the path of no redemption and throws him away of the battle.

3. Don’t let go

Just like we saw last week, Teela has a choice to do, leave her friends and family behind so she can be the new sorceress, fortunately, she is stronger than her mother, and it is precisely because of those relationships she has in her life. They make her stronger always, so she chooses to hold on to them.

And now we have a brand-new Sorceress, who can exit the castle and is the strongest ever, thanks to the planet alignment of The Celestial Apex, so we have a battle between the two women and the animation in those fights is better than ever; every fight scene in the show was gorgeous and this time we had an incredible fight in the sky, that leads to them at the lake where the god died.

4. Let go

But this war will not end with a fight, Teela chooses to dialogue with Lyn and show her that, although the world is chaos, it is up to people to give meaning to life, mainly through love.

But Lyn is still discouraged, she saw the death of a God, so Teela shows her that Lyn did not see what happened next: the rebirth of It, which, I think, shows the cyclical capacity of life, in this world death is as important as rebirth.

The link between the path of Teela and Lyn is very interesting, while in order to grow, Teela has to don’t let go her friends, Lyn has to do the opposite, she must let go, the universe is chaos, yes, but neither killing it nor trying to dominate or master it is the answer, you just have to live your life and enjoy it, and at the end, she does, she relinquishes her power and helps save Orko from going back to Subternia, Evil-Lyn is dead, and a redeemed Lyn gets to live happy.

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5. I go where you go

And that is how the world is saved, at the end the Sorceress Teela and He-Man join forces to restore the world and send the undead to Subternia, king Randor makes Andra his new Man-at-Arms, and Teela and Adam restore their relationship (a nascent romantic one, maybe) ready to go where the other goes.

Everyone is happy, except for Skeletor, who confronts Tri-Klops and the Motherboard cult, only to be forced into conversion, with the villain behind the cult’s logo is revealed: She-Ra’s Hordak. This probably is only a cameo to close the show in some kind of cliffhanger, because there are not plans for a second season of Revelation, and the She-Ra universe is being used by Dreamworks right now.

And that’s it for this episode, and the show, despite being hated by old “fans” even before airing, they should give themselves an opportunity to watch the show, they will thoroughly enjoy it because it was spectacular, I seriously wasn’t expected it to be so profound and interesting, it honestly elevated the old show, Kevin Smith and company deserve all the praise for doing a show so compelling and well done.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and if you want more content related to He-Man, you can binge-watch the entire She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and read Herny Finn’s thoughts on the new CGI-animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe which also is a worthy reboot.

Thank you for reading!

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