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Five Thoughts on ¡Mucha Lucha!‘s “How Rikochet Got His Move Back” and “Heart of Lucha”

By | May 26th, 2017
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Lucharaaaaaan! Welcome to another episode of ¡Mucha Lucha!, today we are reviewing the second episode, which includes “How Rikochet got his move back” and “Heart of lucha” also known as “Big bad Flea”. And as every week here’s a song for you, this week I decided to go for the obvious and give you the title song: Mucha lucha from Chicos de Barrio

Also I had an erratum last week. I said I have the accent of Mr. Hasbeena, well, I meant Mr. Midcarda´s accent, oops! Now the ring is ready, let’s start this review:

1. Recaps

In “How Rikochet got his move back” our hero doesn’t have a signature move, and he’s gotta think fast, otherwise he’ll get expelled. Just don’t go to the guy in the alley, man!

“Hearth of lucha” is about the Flea hurting Snow Pea on a wrestling match, bad move man! You are getting transferred to room 207: the bad guys classroom.

2. Signature Moves

This is the reason I loved this series when I was a kid. Signature moves were awesome, they always had an ingenious way to defeat the character they were fighting on the episode. For example this episode features Rikochet turning into a pinball -and a whole lot of other moves-, and the next one has a whirlwind, and a cute hug. This is better than any real life wrestling match (for a kid, I mean).

3. What will your mask be?

I noticed that a lot of the characters have a mask based on their occupation, the shoe cleaner on the alley has a shoe-based mask, the police officer also has gear based on the fact that he is a cop, so, based on your job, what mask would you wear?

4. Snow Pea

Ha! This little cute guy, Frijolito was a massive sensation here in Mexico, everybody wanted to have his plush, his catchphrase àla Groot or Pikachu was a common SMS ringtone on our Sony Ericsson Walkman-phones, it was a whole success, the creators really know how to make a cute character. And if you dont like it, he’s going to give you his deadly signature move. (By the way, do you want the plush? You can still get it)

5. ¡Los rudos, los rudos los rudos! (a.k.a. The bad guys)

How funny is it that they have a special room on the Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha only for the bad guys. And why is it a jungle? Hahaha poor guys, maybe because they are practically forgotten on the school, on a bad enviroment for learning IS the reason for them being bad guys, am I right? Well, it doesn’t really matter, they are bad guys because someone has to be the rudo on the ring.

Well that’s it for today, let us know, what do you think of this episode¡Mucha Lucha! (and any other series from our Summer TV Binge) on the comments below. Also, tell us, what luchador name would you have? What mask would you wear? See you next Friday.

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