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    Five Thoughts on ¡Mucha Lucha! ‘s “Timmy of 1,000 Masks” & “All Creatures Masked and Small”

    By | July 28th, 2017
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    Lucharaaan! Welcome to our review of ¡Mucha Lucha!‘s twelfth episode, which includes “Timmy of 1,000 Masks” & “All Creatures Masked and Small”. As every week there’s a song for you, this time, how about Elvis singing to Mexico? Or him singing Guadalajara in (something close to) spanish?. And now that the ring is ready, let’s start this review!

    1. Recaps

    First in “Timmy of 1,000 Masks” someone is impersonating the students and messing around in the school, an the real ones are getting expelled! Gee, who could it be? Buena Girl is going to prove her innocence and unmask (pun intended) the bad guy.

    Then, in “All Creatures Masked and Small” some Elvis impersonator tries to catch all dogs in the world, because, you know, he’s a dog catcher. The flea-infested Masked Dog is kidnapped (dognapped?) and only his best friend Rikochet can save him!

    2. Little Bean’s insightful and witty conversation

    I think this episode is making two tributes and that’s the whole reason they made it. The first tribute is of course legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mil Máscaras. He is a living legend, one of the three legendary Mexican wrestlers known worldwide, along with El Santo and Blue Demon, I want to show you he indeed wore a whole lot of mask in his career, here’s a picture from a WWE Fan Axxess exhibition, and here’s one from a japanese album.

    And although Timmy wears masks from other wrestlers instead of having a thousand only for himself, I think it was an appropiate and funny tribute.

    3. Mysteriously sabroso

    The second tribute is, of course, to Scooby Doo. The whole episode is presented as a mystery that they have to uncover. I love Scooby Doo and I of course enjoyed a lot the “unmasking” of Timmy, it fits perfectly with the premise of both shows.

    Also, sheesh! How about a little tolerance dear Headmistress, I would not enjoy being on a school where you get fired for speaking on the microphone!

    4. K-9 compadre

    The second episode is all about the most wonderful kind relationships we can enjoy: having a dog, Man’s best friend. I just want to say, I became a dog owner just recently, and I fell in love that same second. I love my dog and would do any kind of crazy stuff if that means she will be safe. Of course I understand Rikochet’s love for Masked Dog, nobody can take apart a wonderful friendship like that. Also,

    5. The chase

    This was a really weird episode. Why in the world a guy looking like Elvis, would have a job like that? And who would take so literally what he’s supposed to do in his job?

    Then, the chace is ridiculously good, with an hilarious ending, I couldn’t stop laughing. I remember seeing this episode as a kid, but I did not remember that waterfall, it was very dummy, and that’s why I love this show, it does not take itself seriously and that makes it great. I’m sad the season is ending already.

    ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tres! ¡Ganador! That’s our review for this week. Let us know what you think of this episode of ¡Mucha Lucha! (and any other series from our Summer TV Binge) in the comments below. See you next Friday for the Season finale!

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