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    Five Thoughts on Riverdale‘s “Heart of Darkness”

    By | February 24th, 2017
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    Ready to meet the craziest family in town? No? Well, too bad! Let’s take a look!

    1.So, The Blossom Family Is Awful

    So, remember how Cheryl’s behavior over Jason could come off as a bit creepy? It was very subtle, I could understand you not seeing it. Well, turns out, the whole rest of the family is a bit fruit loops! Case in Point: The Blossoms host a memorial service for Jason. Sounds normal and understandable, right? Here’s the kicker though: the only people they invited were the people in town they considered suspects in the murder. That’s completely screwed up! Not to mention Veronica’s incredible awkward dinner with the family where it would be more subtle of Cheryl’s dad went “LOL! You’re Dad’s In Jail!”, Cheryl’s mom threatening to send her to boarding school for having the nerve to speak at Jason’s memorial, and Creepy Grandma vs. Betty and Jughead, you see why Jason would want to get as far away from these scumbags.

    2. Archie, Can You Do Something Relevant?

    Listen, none of the scenes that involve Archie trying to determine whether football or music was more important to him were bad. He has some good chemistry with Valerie (Hayley Law) and these scenes show that this version of Reggie Mantle isn’t really that bad, a bit obnoxious, but a good soul. One can also make the argument that having the High School Musical-esque camp contrast with all the Muuuuuuurder happening strengthens the overall episode, but every time I had to go back to Archie’s scenes I groaned a bit. KJ Apa is trying, bless his heart, but the scenes can be just so boring when I have another show in this show I have a bit more investment in. It would work better if this struggle was a smokescreen to hide his turbulent feelings after the whole Grundy Debacle, but that is only lightly hinted at.

    3. Betty and Jughead

    We all know Betty and Veronica are the Gold Star Standard duo of this show? Yes we do, and if you don’t think that, you can tell me why in excruciating detail on twitter @BrianNeedsANap. Well, this episode allowed the Silver Star Standard duo of Betty and Jughead to shine. The Investigator team have some nice scenes to bounce off one another. And I’m not going to lie. They have some cute awkward moments between the them. It’s really adorable.

    Also, Archie, I know that you went there to give the family Jason’s retired jersey, but even the homeless Jughead found a suit. C’mon now.

    4. The Parents

    Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge have had some real nice scenes throughout the show and this episode pushes that a bit further after Hermione gets a slithering message from the South Side Serpents (get it?). Luke Perry and Marisol Nichols handle the scene with a kind of warm tiredness as the danger in this town continues to bubble up to the surface.

    5. Polly

    This is partially on what we learn here and the preview for next week. So, apparently the animosity between the Blossom’s and Coopers is not a new thing. It’s a centuries old feud when a Blossom ancestor killed a Cooper over Maple Syrup (the industry the town was founded on). If that sounds like some weird parody it’s because it kind of is. What’s this have to do with Polly Cooper? Well, we learn that she and Jason were engaged before she had her breakdown and the murder. This is what will be leading us into next week and I find all so hilariously intriguing, just like the show in general.

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