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    Five Thoughts on Riverdale‘s “Tales from the Darkside”

    By | November 30th, 2017
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    Hello. Hope you had a good Turkey Day. Unless you don’t celebrate that wretched holiday. Good for you. Shame Riverdale didn’t have a Turkey Day ep. It could’ve been immensely over-the-top, involve have a turkey killed on screen, and even more of the cast being creepy. Anyway, on with the discussion!

    1. Tru Crime: The Black Hood

    Yeah, having the show literally parody the structure of one of those True Crime documentaries, with the episode split into vignettes, and the whole disclaimer and title cards to introduce the people. It makes the wrath of the Black Hood, after killing the Sugarman and leaving a letter at Pop’s, feel simultaneously all the more real and all the more hilarious? On top of that, the wrinkle of Penny Peabody calling in her favor Jughead owes adds more to this plot that become Bonkers™. Hey! Maybe even further the metaness, perhaps this “True Crime Documentary” is based on the “book” Jughead has been narrating the last season and a half.

    2. Tony Todd is Amazing

    So, how do you know your episode is gonna be creepy? Why not have the Candyman himself be a guest star?! He plays the creepy as hell truck driver that helps Archie and Jughead when their car breaks down. This also introduces something in the history of the town: the Riverdale Reaper. And he’s fantastic, playing himself the right balance of kind and creepy to be memorable. One last thing: that man does not seem to age. I’m just wondering . . . is he really the Candyman?

    3. The Breaking of the Pussycats

    Life is not going well with Ms. McCoy. On top of the increasing death threats her Mayoral Mom is getting, putting on the pressure, she is also secretly trying to go solo. But it isn’t secret for long as she begins getting more letters from a mysterious person, who also rats out to her Pussycat partners about her plans. That said: Josie. Sweetie. You’re willing to give Chuck a chance with him saying he’s “changed?” Like, I get that Chuck is a Red Herring, but he’s still a creep. A massive creep!

    4. Betty & Veronica Are Great

    You know, Betty and Veronica have had to deal with some heavy stuff this last season-and-a-half. So after the two darker vignettes, it’s nice that Reinhart and Mendes got to stretch some comedic muscles. When Kevin talks about his father being distant and stressed lately, the two begin an investigation (Betty thinking he may be the Black Hood, Veronica thinking he’s having an affair). So they split up and, Veronica keeping Kevin busy with a sleepover (including nerdy board games). And it turns out that Keller is having an affair — with Mayor McCoy. You know what. After all the darkness, I’ll take it!

    5. Well That’s a Way To End The Episode

    So. We’re going into the second half of the season now and the Black Hood makes it abundantly clear: all of Riverdale are full of sinners and that the Reckoning is upon them. Basically, pulling something right out of the Killer Elite Squad playbook: “Everyone Dies.” The Black Hood has been a presence throughout this episode, between the tales of the old Riverdale Reaper, Josie’s nightmares, and Betty’s suspicions about Sheriff Keller. But this quick message is his only confirmed action throughout the episode and it’s devastating. And it’s definitely got me looking forward to next week.


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