Five Thoughts On Runaways‘s “Hostile Takeover”

By | March 4th, 2019
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Runaways is back baby! And they’ve finally run away. The first season was arguably the best of any Marvel television and so far, the things the first season did right have been carried over but the stakes are even higher. On the run, they’re wanted by the cops and their parents. “Hostile Takeover” gives us a huge showdown and delivers a big answer that has been lingering for a couple of weeks now.  Let’s jump into this but be warned, there will be spoilers throughout.

1. The Kids Hold Their Own

Last week we saw that AWOL had taken Livvie right at the end of the episode and we pick up with that right away. He has her and he wants to know where the kids are so he can be done with all this and get the footage of the shooting at the hospital back. Now that he’s the new Flores, he’s ready to get things rolling with PRIDE so he can make that money and have that power. Livvie initially pulls a Molly and doesn’t give him anything but when he shows her footage of Tamar and the baby, she breaks. That’s her family and she’s worried about them so she tells AWOL where the kids are. At the mansion, AWOL does what he does but thanks to Nico, they have camouflage, so he can’t just come in. Alex wants to face him head on but they use their brains and go back and forth with AWOL for a while until they come up with an idea. They decide to let AWOL in but that’s only after Nico opens a tiny little door within her fortress and camouflage spell. Once AWOL is in, they trap him and have their own hostage to bargain with. AWOL tries to mess with Nico as she tries to hold these spells but the rest of the group is there to stop him. They let him go and decide to let the strike team come in and they will attack them there once Chase takes Gert and Old Lace away from the house given their condition. Nico’s job is to drop the spells and disarm the guns but that’s not exactly what happens. This whole thing plays out really well because it highlights all the different personalities and talents of the kids. It also spotlights how different they are now. They’ve really grown as a team and as a family. Despite all that’s happened, they want to protect each other and this home they’ve built. AWOL is a really cringey character though. The performance is super forced and the dialogue is really rough. He plays like a stereotype all the way with nothing else going on. The character concept is good but everything else is lacking big time.

2. Nico Loses Control

Nico is tasked with a lot here in this episode. She’s given an enormous amount of pressure with the Staff of One to protect the house and the spells she’s using require an insane amount of focus, energy and strength and it gets to her. The entire episode she’s slowly losing control and she’s even said out right that the staff is taking something from her and it’s like she can hear it testing her. At the tail end of this episode she’s in the position to disarm the guns and her eyes change in a way that’s super similar to the character that Mads Mikkelsen played in Doctor Strange and she yells get out and everyone on the strike teams just vanishes. Nico immediately falls to the ground after that and everyone is left in a state of shock. Are they dead? Did they get transported to some magical plane of existence? I’d bet on them being dead and that’s why everyone is left shook like this. The Staff of One clearly did a job on Tina Minoru and now it might be doing something to Nico. There isn’t much left in this season so I’m curious as to where this is going to go in a short time.

3. You Can’t Just Shut Down A Church

Anyone who’s ever been a part of a mega church or watched a documentary about any of these types of things and cults knows that they don’t just go away. That’s the lesson that Leslie Dean is going to learn very quickly. She’s decided that in light of everything, that keeping the church open is not a good idea and it also makes no sense since she doesn’t believe in any of it anymore. Frank though has a very different idea. He thinks of the church as his now and so do the people. He wants to stop Leslie from doing all of this and he has people in his corner. Vaughn, Aura and Frances all turn on Leslie at different points and lure her into a reconditioning ceremony. The church will not die and Leslie will have no choice in the matter. This whole thing got dark so quick but I’m super into it. Like the situation with Nico, I’m not sure how where it’s trying to go because there just aren’t a lot of hours left before the end of the season but I’m really eager to watch it unfold. Runaways became very exciting for me as an adaptation because the parents came with their own drama that doesn’t entirely relate to the other members of PRIDE. I do suspect though that the church will play a huge part in what comes with whether or not PRIDE gets that huge downfall moment.

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4. Family Reunion

Gert and Old Lace are really doing badly and might actually die so in the middle of the showdown with AWOL, Chase gets the car and takes them both away. Where does he take them? To her parents’s lab because he doesn’t know what else to do. Stacey and Dale are initially really excited to see them both but Stacey goes back to her weird, angry, bossy state from last week and that’s when everything goes badly. Stacey explains to a completely shocked Dale that she is why Gert and Old Lace are sick. She sent out that drone we saw Old Lace messing with because she wanted this to happen. She wanted to poison Old Lace and Gert and force them to come back so she could administer the antidote. Dale kind of loses it here and Chase steps in to tell them both that they have to give the antidote to Old Lace, not Gert because she’s the one who got sick and they have a psychic connection. Dale takes the needle and does what Chase wants and they leave the two of them alone but also to trap them. Gert goes on about how people don’t change and Chase tries to remain optimistic but here they are anyway, trapped in this room with her evil parents. Gert and Chase are close again and now in a maybe unwinnable situation but I’m glad this little subplot is done cause it was a little annoying.

5. Survivors

For the last couple of episodes, we’ve seen Tina and Stacey acting very strangely and out of character and this week we see Victor do the same. He’s working in the lab with Janet and she drops something which sends her into a sort of PTSD episode about the abuse between them in the past but he assures her that there’s nothing to worry about and they have sex in the lab and destroy the place. When he comes back dressed, he’s confused about what happened and he’s angry. Tina then shows up to work with Janet and starts talking crazy and flirts with Janet a bit, which makes her uncomfortable and she leaves because she’s sure she’s being messed with. When Janet leaves, Victor comes back and looks at Tina and says “Tina?” to which she replies “Victor?” and they hug. We then see Victor walking the streets putting up posters in an alien language and it then becomes clear what’s happened. Jonah’s people didn’t all die and some of them have taken over members of PRIDE in order to stay alive. This is a huge revelation and changes everything going forward. Does this mean that Victor, Stacey and Tina are all dead now? That would be completely crazy if that’s what’s happened here and I’m here for it.

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