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    Five Thoughts on Star Wars: Resistance’s “Into the Unknown”

    By | October 8th, 2019
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    Star Wars: Resistance is back, baby! This is the second and, unfortunately, final season, but at least we’re at the beginning of the end. Let’s settle in for the ride.

    1. The power of friendship compels you

    The biggest thing from the two-part season finale last March was undoubtedly Tam’s defection to the First Order. We see Kaz dealing with the fallout from that, in as much as the show can allow him to. The first indication that its been on his mind is when he laments that Tam was much better at fixing things than the rest of them; the second is when he accidentally calls Torra by Tam’s name. This comes to a head at the end of the episode when Kaz insists he has to contact Tam and explain himself, despite the fact that Torra and Neeku warn him of the danger. It hits on a few important themes: the importance of honesty, the primacy of friendship above all else.

    2. The First Order doesn’t know where they are

    Hey everyone, did you hear? The First Order has no idea where they are. Also, the First Order has no idea where they are. What luck!

    Except… huh. Seems like that pesky First Order BB-series droid is trying to beam their coordinates back to his compatriots and ruin the Colossus’ escape. It’s almost as if their constantly repeating that the First Order doesn’t know where they are is… backfiring? Is this foreshadowing? I think this is foreshadowing.

    3. Neeku’s happy accidents

    Neeku spends most of the episode being the semi-comedic sidekick, but he bookends it with two successes that remind you he’s not so awkwardly incompetent after all. First, there’s the revelation that his failure to enter the coordinates to D’Qar wasn’t such a failure after all. The Colossus manages to come out of hyperspace 3 parsecs from its intended target, which leads him to emit an excited, sort of adorable squeal.

    Which, just an aside, but coming out of hyperspace results in one of my favorite moments of the episode, however brief it is. CB-23 and another droid are staring out into space, the mesmerizing swirl of stars reflected in their “eyes.” They seem almost hypnotized until the Colossus comes out of hyperspace, and the swirling stars stop. The reason why this is one of my favorite moments is because it brings to mind the days of Windows Media Player, watching the psychedelic screen saver as it synced to your music. Is this the intent of the scene? Maybe, although I’m sure it’s not Windows Media Player that they’re referencing.

    Anyway, Neeku’s second moment of glory is towards the end of the episode when he manages to fix CB-23 entirely with his feet after he’s tied up by the First Order droid. I mean, sure, all he needs to do is flip a switch on CB’s head, which is more than doable with your feet, but still. CB comes to the rescue in a lot of different ways after he’s back in commission, so the consequences of this small success are far reaching. Way to go, Neeku.

    4. Is Kaz an idiot?

    You know who’s not having a great episode? Kaz. Chock it up maybe to being distracted by Tam’s defection, but he runs into a lot of trouble. There’s a few things that happen, but the one that I really want to concentrate on is when the artificial gravity malfunctions and Kaz freaks out like he literally hasn’t lived in and around space for his entire life. When the gravity shuts off and everyone starts floating, he reacts to it as if some sort of black magic is happening instead of just like, basic laws of science? He has to have it explained to him, and he can barely manage floating through the halls without knocking into everything in his path. You’re an X-Wing pilot, Kaz! Poe Dameron recruited you to be a spy! Get your shit together, good lord.

    5. Tam is officially on the Dark Side… probably

    When the episode begins and Tam is brought to the bridge of the First Order’s Star Destroyer, she looks a little worried. For a moment is seems like she feels as if she’s made a mistake, but even if she does, what choice does she have? Of course she doubles down, reassuring them that she’s ready to join up, even if it means selling out her former friends. If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about her conviction, she quickly assuages those feelings by shutting off Kaz’s olive branch comlink before it barely has a chance to begin. Afterwards, she stares into her pilot’s helmet before confidently placing it on her head. Tam is no longer. She is officially DT523.

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    At least until she’s healed by the power of friendship, of course.

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