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    Five Thoughts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ “Dooku Captured”

    By | August 9th, 2017
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    After keeping them apart for most the season, we get an episode that features some Jedi/Sith action!

    The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes.

    1. Jedi doing Jedi shit

    Before I get to this note, I want to comment on how weird it is that the show decided that it didn’t need an episode featuring Anakin going after Dooku and being captured. The reveal that it was all part of the plan overall would have felt so much more earned if we watched an entire episode of build up. Plus, that’s a way more interesting story than half of the episodes this season, and that’s not a knock on the past episodes. It is bringing together the series’ top protagonist and top antagonist, in a situation where the antagonist could (seemingly) get a win. That’s strong TV, especially in a long season.

    But anyway, this episode had the most Jedi stuff happening of any show this season. We see lots of force lifting and pushing, we see Obi-Wan try to fix his lightsaber, we see some Jedi mind trick (sort of), as well as some Jedi politik. This episode, more than any other, seems like a primer of all the things that make up being a Jedi during the Clone Wars: espionage, gathering intelligence, lifting rocks, fighting bad dudes.

    2. The Unflappable Obi-Wan

    One of the best parts of the Obi-Wan portrayal across all the Star Wars properties is just how he goes with the flow and never really panics. The two times he really loses his cool in the prequels are totally justifiable: seeing his master stabbed in the gut, and seeing his padawan go as dark as any character in history. Everything else he takes somewhat in stride.

    Here is no different. He and Anakin lose their lightsabers, are being pursued by a giant monster, and lost Dooku, and he’s still cracking wise, handling everything with a smile and a cocksure attitude. He is the one person in the entire Star Wars universe, at this time, that seems to enjoy life all the time. Animated Anakin is pretty close, but in the prequels he’s such a tired douche.

    Plus, he flies that Commander Cody-esque jetpack! How dope is that?

    3. Ahsoka, did you pack enough attitude for all of us?

    Ahsoka, when rescuing Anakin and Obi-Wan, is so full of attitude that it is sort of shocking. She is openly scolding two Jedi for letting Dooku get away, yet she can barely Force her way out of a paper bag. Sure, she’s not wrong per se, but we all know how poorly it goes over when you correct a teacher in class. Now, imagine the teacher can pick up their desk with their mind, or give you a wedgie from across the room. Cool off, Ahsoka.

    4. Lightsaber as flashlight

    I’ve mentioned before how I dig when the Jedi use the lightsaber as something other than a weapon. While we haven’t quite seen a Jedi knock the cap off a bottle of space beer just yet, using the lightsaber as a flashlight is pretty cool, too. In the past, we’ve seen the lightsaber give away a location and used for an ominous reveal. Here, it is exactly the opposite, but it still works. It’s no Chief Wiggum using his gun to crack nuts or change the channel, but it is close.

    5. Super sci-fi designs

    This episode featured both a totally badass old-school UFO, spinning and everything, as well as the most Star Trek inspired ships we’ve seen thus far. I love how the show is really soaking up the sci-fi look to go along with its very fantasy-driven storytelling. The show has a really interesting look that falls somewhere in between knowingly cartoonish and futuristic, and these two designs fit right into that world, without feeling out of place.

    In general, this episode felt the most like a Star Wars story, while using almost none of the typical tropes: no lightsaber duels, no space dogfights, no droids.

    Also, it is pretty hilarious how derp-y the aliens that captured Dooku were. Obviously, there’s more to tell about that story next time…

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