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    Five Three Thoughts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ “The Lost One”

    By | August 15th, 2018
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    So, technically this episode leads into the final three eps of the season. However, it is sort of its own thing, and it raises a bunch of points that I want to talk about, that I wouldn’t have the space to if I included it in that final wrap up But, I’ve only really got three things to say. Oh well, you’ll take three and you’ll like it!

    1. Mysteries!

    One aspect of The Clone Wars that I wish the show focused more on was the inherent mystery surrounding so much of what we witness. This episode attempts to unlock some of those mysteries, but obviously stops short of truly investigating what led to Dooku ordering the clone army created. We, the viewers, obviously know how/why it happened, but the Jedi Council doesn’t. We’ll talk more about them later.

    2. Dooku as the villain of the series

    It takes until the very, very end of the series, but there can finally be an argument made for Count Dooku truly being the main villain of this series. During this shortened season, we see him control Padme into killing, and here, he shows just how far he’s willing to go. The series has given us lots of other menaces – Ventress, Maul, Palpatine – but Dooku is the one that really stands out at the end.

    3. The council sucks

    Poor Master Sifo-Dyas, whose death is never properly examined or avenged, is emblematic of the Jedi Council. ‘Good ideas, poorly executed’ should be their slogan. This episode is especially instructive as to what sort of bullshit was commonplace in the council. They know Dooku is responsible for the clones, but are ineffectual and ineffective so they do literally nothing about that. Sure, there would be major consequences, but what turns out worse for them: doing something, or sitting by and eventually all being killed by the clones?

    I’ve heard people argue both sides of whether or not George Lucas knew he was making the Jedi suck in the prequels, but this episode more or less continues that path. He gives them some pretty seriously flawd moments, which is a good thing from a ‘let’s create drama’ perspective, but a pretty bad one from ‘let’s create heroic characters’ one.

    Next week: the end…for now!

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