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    Five Thoughts on The Flash’s “Goldfaced”

    By | February 6th, 2019
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    Hi folks! Welcome back to our weekly recap of The Flash. This week’s episode, named “Goldfaced”, was a very enjoyable action-packed adventure with a very interesting question: what if you need to do bad in order to do good? Let’s dive right in.

    1. Sherloque’s ex-wives

    This episode began with Sherloque still in the hunt for Nora’s partner/mentor, but, due to last week’s developments when he almost exposes her, she spies on him and then travels back to the future(™) to ask Thawne what to do, and he tells her that he falls easily in love, and she can manipulate things to make an artificial “oh, it was destiny”-moment.

    Sherloque infatuates to Renee Adler, which coincidently is this earth’s version of at least four of his five ex-wives… wait, was it destiny despite Nora’s intervention? Well, the important thing of this plot is that at his second attempt to talk to her, he discovers that she may be a meta, which makes him change his focus from investigating Nora to preventing Cicada’s possible hunt for his girl. Nora and Thawne’s secret is safe for now.

    4. The plan against Cicada

    The meta cure is almost done, but in order to make sure it works, they need to immobilize the “patient” for at least a minute and given that stopping Cicada has been proving rather hard, they must find a “Neo-stasis” device.

    I mean, to be honest all this stuff is just an excuse to have a fun episode chasing down bad guys, but it does raise an interesting question: would Barry change his ways? Is he willing to involve himself with bad people to do some good? Does “all means necessary” really includes “all means”?

    3. The dangers of being a journalist

    Meanwhile, after a critique to her new newspaper, Iris tells Barry that she is going to hunt down Cicada, after all, she needs the thrill of risking her life to be truly involved and impassioned with a story to make it worth of Pulitzers.

    She ends up in Orlin’s house, but he comes home, and after being caught on the door, she tells him that she is looking for lead problems in the water supply (just like in real life, please help Flint); after a tense fake interview he discovers that she was in the house before he came in and attacks her. At the end she stabs him and comes up with an idea to stop him, which will be explored in the future.

    4. The Chemist

    Ralph convinces Barry to go undercover to a black market, if the device is with the bad guys, they must do business with them. Barry finds out that there’s a new “cop-killer” gun and tries to buy them all, which almost blow their cover.

    They confront the titular villain, Goldface, and Barry comes up with a persona called The Chemist, and the bad guy makes a deal with them; they help steal a 3D organ printer, and he will give them that machine they need to stop Cicada.

    Barry is clearly affected with all this, and Ralph regrets bringing him to do bad stuff, they have a no-powers gun fight with the bad guys and with Goldface. They stop him, but the chance of getting that machine is gone.

    5. No powers

    This episode had very active camera work, and although the action scenes were not long takes, they do were amazing. I enjoyed this episode with no powers involved, which mean harder treats and clever solutions from our heroes. You can say it was a simpler episode compared to some other grandiose episodes, no big stakes or life-changing moments.

    And that’s it for this episode, overall, it was a very fun, action-packed episode with cool shots, kudos to veteran script supervisor and director Alexandra LaRoche and her team, sometimes a simple plot device (like “we need a machine”) is enough to make a thrilling episode.

    What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on episode 514, “Cause and XS”.

    BONUS: We are having season six!

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