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Five Thoughts on The Flash’s “Memorabilia”

By | January 30th, 2019
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Hi folks! Welcome back to our weekly recap of The Flash. This week’s episode is named “Memorabilia” and it was really amazing! When Sherloque recieves a memory machine, Team Flash tries to enter the subconcious of Cicada’s niece to wake her up, we got to see an Inception-like episode. Let’s dive right in.

1. Keeping the future away

Let’s begin with Iris’ story. While having fun in an ice rink, Ralph tells Iris that the office across from him is free because the renter died, that makes Iris happy –the office being free, not the death– because maybe she will be able to turn her profitting blog into a newspaper.

She tries to avoid using the name Central City Citizen because it’s an awful title, oh! And because it’s the paper that reports Flash’s disappearance. Then, in Nora’s memories, she sees the bad mother that she’s going to turn into.

That makes her feel trapped in her destiny, the unavoidable future, but by the end of the episode, she learns that the future is malleable, she won’t turn into an asshole mother and funding the newspaper doesn’t mean Barry is going to disappear. This was a great development for Iris, she is sometimes relegated to being just Flash’s wife, but she is more than that, funding the newspaper is necessary, acting tough –but loving– will keep Nora safe, she proves that she is an integral, necessary part of the team and not just a cute face.

2. Getting our Cisco back

Cisco has been having a weird development this season, at first he was sad for breaking up with Gypsy, lately he has been mostly sad and struggling to enjoy and use his powers. This week, Ralph invites him to follow a lead on Orlin and the end up in a bar where the band Sickada plays and it’s singles night!

Cisco gets angry because he believes that he got played by Dibny to be his wingman, turns out he is only trying to make him enjoy a night free from his –kind of– obsession into finding a meta-cure.

At the end, Cisco meets a girl, comes up with a solution to the cure, and ends up enjoying himself, which is great because that’s what he needs and he’s what we need, a happy character that we can feel related to, despite having troubles in life, Cisco has a chance to be happy.

3. Sherloque’s trap for Nora

Sherloque keeps his investigation into Nora’s secret, when he brings the machine he warns that the users can share memories and proposes that the speedsters go in to try to save Grace.

He obviously is trying to set up Nora, and expose her secret, which makes her feel dangerly close to being caught and goes alone (goddamn it, Nora!). At the end of the episode he keeps Nora’s secret for himself and discovers that Eobard Thawne’s suit is her “defense mechanism”, which implies that…

4. Nora’s Memory

Thawne has been helping Nora for a while now. I think that, while feeling alone because of Barry’s vanishing, Eobard console’s her and turns into a friend and mentor to her.

Both at the beginning and the end of the episode, she sends letters to him, showing him her concern for keeping the secret from her parents, and she is willing to keep liying to avoid hurting them.

We also learn that her initial hatred for her mother is just an exaggerated memory of a sad girl, which only makes me get angrier at her. Girl, Iris is just triying to protect you. I mean, she can be influenced by Reverse Flash, but it angries me that this whole coming mess begun with a fake memory. On the other side, what a great storyline!

5. Grace‘s Memory

Whoa Gracie! Calm down!

Finally, in this episode we got to explore some of the story between Cicada and her niece, and it turns out that she has the same hateful, racist beliefs about metas than his uncle.

Grace’s defense mechanism is a version of Cicada that is herself, she doesn’t want help from them, she also wants revenge, because a meta killed her parents.

This development was mind blowing, I ended up making theories about the future of this season, like “Cicada is heavily influenced by Doctor Whatshername, what if he is ALSO influenced by her niece?”.It’s great because we won’t have that common resolution of “uncle, please stop, I don’t want you to kill any more victims”, I ended up speculating that, going back to this season’s redemption stories for the villains, maybe we could even have the reverse of that, something like “Gracie, I have been wrong, please stop”.

Continued below

We can only wait and see how this story is going to end, but I have a good feeling about it.

BONUS: They are doing their homework, they are reading current comics and it shows, Singh namedropped The Red Death from Dark Days and Dark Knights: Metal, and a copy of issue 39 of the current series was shown (along with Cicadas first appearance). This is meaningful because the staff is truly involved and commited to bring fresh ideas to the show. Also, is Grodd coming back? I hope so.

And that’s it for this episode, overall, I loved it, it was, in some ways, an intimate story about what is in our minds and escaping from bad moments. What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on episode 513, “Goldfaced”.

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