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    Six Thoughts on The Flash’s “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen Pt.2”

    By | December 4th, 2019
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    Hi folks! Welcome back to our weekly recap of The Flash, this time we have the closing episode of the two-part arc that started last week and it had zombies! Let’s dive right in.

    The episode started right where we left, with the team on the floor after the infected Barry ran from them, so Cisco activates the Babel Protocols and I screamed by that reference!…

    So, Bloodwork has now the power over Barry and the team is divided between saving him or saving themselves, meanwhile, the whole city is under attack. So, what’s the plan they have?

    1. Barry’s gone… or is he?

    Iris is convinced that Barry can be saved by helping him overcome the infection, he sends her a message to meet where they started their life together and it’s obviously a trap because Rosso uses Barry as a living walkie-talkie to confront her and invite her to submit to her, which she obviously rejects, so why didn’t he infected or killed her?

    Next we have Cisco, who wants to use a photon emitter gun, which he hasn’t tried before and Iris opposes to that, why would they risk their and Barry’s live if it’s uncertain that the gun works? Well Cisco uses it against Bloodwork and it seems to be working but Dark Flash saves him. And now, Cisco is at the mercy of the villain, so why didn’t he infected or killed him?

    2. Zombies!

    The whole city is plagued with “blood brothers and sisters” of Bloodwork, so let’s call them zombies because that’s what they were, this allowed to two little storylines. First, Joe is at the mercy of zombies and Killer Frost saves him, but he is hurt and needs medical attention, Caitlin tells herself that she doesn’t have the medical equipment to help him, but Frost could… ahem… froze his wounds, she does and ends up saving him, therefore gaining a little confidence after last week she suffered a panic attack. Still, Caitlin is taking over for the Crisis (in a hilarious scene of Danielle Panabaker talking to the wall).

    The second story involves Kamilla and Cecile at the office of the newspaper, they are locked up in a building full of zombies and Cecile is overwhelmed by pain and fear because of her powers. Kamilla encourages her to use those powers to flee the building, by feeling where the zombies are at, so, the girls have a scene where they go between zombies, it was a long take and I loved it! You know I love when a commercial show like this make creative choices and dedicate a little extra time for their craft so kudos for that! More long shots, less fast-cutting editing!

    3. “We were going to lose him anyway”

    So, after both Iris and Cisco failed, they regroup, they know the plan of Rosso is to use the particle accelerator to infect the whole city, so, what’s the next plan? They argue over the fact that they have to act now, they have to save the city because, and that’s what Barry has been preparing them for this whole season. They connect the dots and realize that Barry is not gone, he is fighting the infection from within and even tells them clues of what they have to do. So they recruit Allegra just at the nick of time and save Barry and the City, but where’s Ramsey?

    4. Bloodwork

    Barry follows the villain to the city, and they have their final fight, Ramsay turns into a fucking awesome monster and I was glad that they invested the money to have a CGI monster so ugly, in the good way! He was scary!

    Then, Ramsay’s mother appears and distracts him, if he mined Barry’s doubts, it’s only fair that he returns the favor, and just when he starts to doubt his idea that he is the hero for… *reads his notes* enslaving people, Barry contains him in the capsule they used for Chester, the city is saved.

    5. Hope

    …well not for long because it’s now December 10 and the Crisis is here.

    The team is together in S.T.A.R.Labs and they have an emotive moment kind of saying their goodbyes, what stuck with me was what Cecile said, Barry means hope and that’s what is going to save the world. An emotive scene for the mid-season finale, before the Crisis

    Continued below

    6. What happens after Crisis?

    So, let’s have a little review of the season, you know, every episode so far has been perfectly fine, although it has its flaws, I could say that they ranged from good to great, nothing so bad to “ruin” an episode or even the season.

    But there was something off, looking back, I feel like they have been dedicating to the Crisis and this first episodes were just “fillers” before the crossover, I mean Ramsay has levity, his arc was meaningful and well done but, how high are the stakes if we know what’s happening in the Crisis, if Barry appears in the teasers and trailers and he looks healthy and not infected by a bad guy?

    I don’t know what will happen in the Crisis, and I’m eager to know; I also don’t know what’s going to happen after it, but I hope that the second half of the season focus on a new threat and I hope for it to be awesome.

    BONUS A: Rosso is alive, I can’t remember a single Flash villain that has lived at the end of his villainous plans, and I love that, it directly relates to the fact that the team has changed, we are going to have a different The Flash at the end of the Crisis.

    BONUS B: Dark Flash has goo in his logo and his lighting, even though nobody else has goo in their clothes, but what has hilarious is that HE HAD GOO NAILS over his gloves? How in the world did that happen? My suspension of disbelief is up through the roof because I fucking love the cheesiness of Flash having nails over his gloves.

    And that’s it for this episode, everything is ready for the Crisis. What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and join this Sunday December eight, for the kick-off of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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