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    Five Thoughts on The Gifted’s “meMento”

    By | January 9th, 2019
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    The Endgame of The Gifted’s second season has begun. Alliances are shifting; decisions are made, plans are being enacted. Here are five thoughts on “meMento.”

    There will be spoilers.

    1. Lauren peeks at the dark side.

    Andy’s actions at the Purifier compound had a profound effect on Lauren. At the end of the last episode, we saw her training, and it sounded like she had found an offensive capability for her shields. This week we see that capability, and we see the other Strucker sibling exercise her agency.

    But, what’s interesting is her fascination with Andrea and Andreas Strucker, her murderous great-grandparents. The music box she was given a few episodes ago, the episode’s eponymous “meMento,” established a link between Lauren and her ancestors. She may be ready to join Andy in his crusade, rather than fight him.

    The delicious irony here is that Caitlin may have pushed her daughter down this path. How far will Lauren go? Will she end up joining the Inner Circle with her brother instead of “rescuing” him from them?

    2. Oh yeah, that thing with the collars.

    Before the holiday break, the Inner Circle’s big caper ended with thousands of mutants being freed from Sentinel detention centers around the country. While we heard about the repercussions of that event last week, we didn’t see any of the freed mutants. This week we did.

    Three new mutants arrived at Inner Circle headquarters. Reeva recruited them after they escaped Sentinel Services custody. Lorna is appalled because the new team members perpetrated a brutal slaughter on a cruise ship. When she confronts Reeva, Lorna learns she brought them on board because of their brutality.

    So, the collar caper didn’t only lead to civil unrest and more mutant hatred. The Gifted used it to seamlessly introduce some new villains. I’m hoping we get to know them a bit before they disappear.

    2. Lorna is back.

    While Andy’s experience at the Purifier compound strengthened his commitment to the Inner Circle, it weakened Lorna’s. Working with Marcos and John again brought back memories and reinforced the doubts she already had after the disaster at the bank. All she needed was a shove, and Reeva gave it to her with the arrival of the mutant mercenaries.

    Lorna reaches out to Marcos and seeking his help with Reeva’s latest plan. This eventually leads to their reconciliation. When Lorna came clean on why she joined the Inner Circle and why it was a mistake, my first words were “She’s back.” Lorna was my favorite character in the first season, and its good to see her again, in all her confused and ambivalent glory.

    3. But where does this leave Andy?

    Andy and Lorna are headed in opposite directions. While Andy has doubled-down on the Inner Circle’s anti-human mission, Lorna is actively working against it now. If she is going to try to lead a double life, it can’t last. Will this throw the former allies into direct conflict?

    4. I was wrong. Jace had further to fall.

    Repeatedly firing a shotgun at a man tied to a chair was only a stop on the way down for Jace. He upped the ante in “meMento” with a raid on a youth home that led to a kid’s murder. Then he covered it up and used it to make himself, and the murderer, look like heroes.

    Jace has lied, cheated, and tortured, his way to vindication. He was right all along about the events in Atlanta; the Underground didn’t die there. He was finally able to prove it with his capture of Thunderbird, and the shooting at the youth home put the focus on him. Even his wife forgave him, in a twist I didn’t see coming.

    But he couldn’t bring himself to accept her apology. He’s too ashamed. So why doesn’t he stop? Why doesn’t he come clean? Why should I care? Put him out of his misery, one way or another.

    5. What are the Morlocks there for?

    We finally saw the Morlocks again, and they remain firmly entrenched on the sidelines. Erg’s repeated assertions that he is only concerned with protecting his people underground are wearing thin. Clarice even seemed to give up rather quickly this time around.

    Something is going to bring them into the fight. What will it be? If the Inner Circle’s sparks the civil war they want, can the Morlocks remain undetected? I don’t think so. They’ve made looking other-than-human a membership requirement. There’s no way they can stay hidden.

    Continued below

    There five thoughts about The Gifted’s “meMento.” What are yours? Will Lorna rejoin the Underground full time? Will we see baby Dawn again? Will Lauren and Andy follow in their ancestor’s footsteps? let us know in the comments.

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