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Five Thoughts on The Gifted’s “oMens”

By | February 27th, 2019
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Welcome back, X-fans! I’m back with five thoughts on “oMens,” the final for The Gifted’s second season. A lot happened in this one; there are spoilers aplenty. Let’s dive right in.

1. She just can’t help herself.

A big part of “oMens” was the Purifier’s siege on the Underground’s “hideout,” which Reeva knew about all along. As the Struckers look at the huge number of men Jace Turner brought with him and wonder what to do, Caitlin announces she has a cache of guns stored in the basement. “You didn’t tell me that,” says Reed. “Well, I’m telling you now,” Caitlin says, with a smirk of a strapped soccer Mom during a paramilitary siege.

I guess this exchange was supposed to demonstrate how far Caitlin has come in the past two years. But for me, seeing it wedged between flashbacks to the Strucker’s days before they joined the Underground, it was just another example of how dysfunctional the couple is. Caitlin hid a crate of guns in the basement of their apartment building. The apartment building that police raided once already. She didn’t tell her husband, who’s on the run with her. Maybe she was planning on surprising him?

What’s sad is that the guns were pointless. They didn’t use them. The weapons were merely another chance to show us a Strucker family secret.

2.  Finally, the Frosts (and Fade.)

The Gifted isn’t about mutant battles as much as it is about drama and character, and that’s fine with me. But that doesn’t mean it we don’t need to see them throw down every once in a while, and “oMens” didn’t disappoint. Reeva sicced the Purifiers on the Underground as a distraction, so she could send a tactical team to kidnap Andy and Lauren. The team was the Frosts and Fade.

In an episode that had its share of irrational decisions (more on that below,) this was another example of Reeva’s command of tactics. She created a distraction. Then, Frosts moved in quietly, took the kids, and left.

3. Skyler Samuels shines.

We haven’t seen a lot of the Frosts since we got a peek into their background and saw Esme bond with Lorna and Dawn. In “oMens” those earlier plot points came back to the fore, and we got to see more of Samuel’s ability to portray the sisters with unique personalities and her skill at interacting with herself on screen. The sisters had a few disagreements as they enacted Reeva’s plan and Samuels realistically portrayed Esme’s gradual change of heart and internal conflict. We still don’t know where, when, or if The Gifted will be back, but if Samuels is involved, I’ll be there to see it.

4. One building to rule them all?

Much of “oMens,” and season 2 when you come down to it, built up to Andy and Lauren unleashing their power and knocking down a large building. When they finally did, the scene was well-staged. Sentinel Headquarters was framed in a way that sold its size. I don’t know what building they used, or if it’s even real, but it seemed massive. Esme looked uncomfortable as her sisters bore down on Lauren, and had to be prodded to join in. When the Struckers finally submitted, better-than-average CGI for The Gifted took the building down.

While this moment was a critical part of the finale, the show oversold it. We were told, at least as far back as in “calaMity,” that destroying it would “take out” Sentinel Services and set the stage for Reeva’s takeover and creation of a mutant nation. Did Sentinel services put all of their resources in a single location? In a metropolitan area, no less? Does this mean they won’t be around if we see a season 3? (Assuming it’s set in this world.) Why not just say that Reeva’s trying to trigger a civil war? Attacking large structures doesn’t win wars. It starts them.

5. Reed’s decision, and other odd choices.

So, thanks to the spoilerific teasers on Fox, we knew that Reed and Reeva would have a confrontation. What we didn’t realize was how final that standoff would be. It was a creative way to end the season, even if it was telegraphed by Reed when he said goodbye to Caitlin. It was sudden and seemed like an impulsive decision by Reed.

Continued below

First, we have Reed’s assertion that Reeva’s attack makes mutants lose control of their powers. Since when? Second, there’s his idea that only he can defeat her. Why? What if Marcos blinded her so someone could get close and gag her? What if Lorna clocked her with a metal chair? Or gagged her with something from across the room? Reeva was a compelling villain because of her planning and willingness to do whatever it took to enact those plans. She didn’t need to be overpowered, too.

Earlier, John decided to take on dozens of armed Purifiers by himself. It was another powerful scene that led to Jace getting his comeuppance. But it only made sense on an emotional level, and only if you forget how worthless guns are against Lorna. In the end, we saw Erg and Esme sitting with the team. Hopefully, we see a season 3 where they teach the Underground some tactics and strategy.

That’s five thoughts for “oMens.” Hopefully, we’ll see a third season of The Gifted next year! Let us know what you thought of season 2 in the comments.

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