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    Five Thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return‘s “Part Eleven”

    By | July 24th, 2017
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    And with another week in the rear view mirror, we return to Twin Peaks: The Return.  This week, we get to the heart of the Briggs family and things get delightfully weird. Let’s rock! But be warned, there are spoilers throughout this.

    1. The Ballad Of Becky Briggs

    Becky was introduced many episodes back but we had not seen her do much more than getting high and unfortunately suffer abuse from her husband. Tonight, she takes center stage as this episode spends more time in Twin Peaks than any other. Becky gets into a huge thing with her husband Stephen and she goes after him after she figures out that he’s cheating. She steals Shelly’s car and tosses her off when she jumps on the hood. Becky shoots up an apartment trying to find her husband and it’s just a wreck of a day for her. She’s struggling so much but, as it turns out, she’s got good parents. Becky is revealed to be Shelly’s daughter very early on but this week we find out for sure that she’s Bobby’s daughter as well. Shelly and Bobby at some got married and I cheered but then I was brought down to Earth when it was revealed that they aren’t together again. However, despite not being together, they are still close and there for their daughter. There are a couple I want to look at here. The first is that this doesn’t really connect to the bigger picture. It’s kind of the only thing that doesn’t in this new series. Becky’s story calls back to the kind of thing Lynch did with the first series where he looks at the inner workings of a town that should be perfection. At least, it’s perfection from the outside. Becky also is living in a cycle of abuse and it’s really tragic given that her mother was able to get away from that. Becky hasn’t hit the moment that Shelly did when she got with Bobby and wanted out with Leo. Becky instead has fallen into drugs and is saying all the things victims say. I think this entire thing with her is not played wrongly. It’s played tragically and sympathetically. It hurts to see Shelly and Bobby end up like this and see them have to deal with watching their own daughter fall into this. Like I said, it doesn’t tie to the bigger stuff but it’s compelling and is what made Twin Peaks a special show to begin with it. It wasn’t always about Laura Palmer, it was about this town and that’s what this storyline is.

    2. Bobby Briggs, Officer Of the Law

    I have my own reservations about cops but I do believe there are some good ones out there and Bobby Briggs is a good cop. While at the Double R diner with Shelly and Becky, a gunshot goes off. Thankfully it hits no one but it does send Bobby into action. Turns out it was a mom who found her husband’s gun in the car and accidentally set it off. One woman keeps honking her horn (to the point that I had to actually mute my TV cause it got to me that much) and when he approaches her she yells and screams about being late and that the kid with her is sick. The kid starts to vomit like a zombie and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. It may be nothing. It may just be Lynch once again playing with the town and the setting. This is a very small scene in the episode but I think what it does it show some great character development for Bobby. We still haven’t seen many of the old characters but Bobby has become such an important player in all this and I think he’s become a nice alternative to the real Sheriff Truman.

    3. This Woodsman Doesn’t Need An Axe

    Back in South Dakota, Albert, Gordon, Tammy, and Diane have brought William Hastings to where he says he saw Major Briggs. As Gordon and Albert take a look around, they see a figure appear and disappear. It’s a woodsman and he’s on the prowl for something. Gordon looks up and he sees this kind of portal open up. The focus fades in an out as Gordon raises his arms towards it. This is probably what William Hastings saw and as Gordon starts to vanish, Albert pulls him back. This leads Albert to find Ruth’s body (without a head) but the real big stinger is is that Diane sees the woodsman approach the car William is in and says nothing. The woodsman kills Hastings in a horrific way and Diane says that she saw him leave, not enter the car. What is up with Diane??? Is Diane just a willing participant in BOOP’s plans or is she possibly someone else from the Black Lodge? There are so many questions about Diane and what makes all of her scenes more tense is the fact that Albert and Gordon know that she’s involved in some way.

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    4. A Special Man

    Back in Nevada, Dougie/Dale is still a wanted man by the Mitchum Brothers and he’s got a big meeting with them. His boss, Mr. Mullins, tells him that his work (his scribbles, he keeps lucking into things) exposed corruption and that he has a check for $30 million for the Mitchums because their hotel is gone due to an accidental fire. He gives Dougie/Dale a box with a cherry pie and the check in his pocket. Bradley (the absolutely delightful Jim Belushi) tells his brother that he had a dream about what would happen to day and when they get to Dale/Dougie, the entire dream comes true. This entire thing plays out with a certain amount of perfect comedic timing and some tension. For a second, you’re led to believe something terrible will happen to Dougie/Dale. I’ve actually thought that maybe he would get shot and that should shock his memories back to when he got shot the first time in Twin Peaks. I was wrong and he’s still lost but because of the check, he becomes an immediate favorite with the Mitchums and they take him out for a good time with cherry pie and good music. Dougie/Dale has a moment when the piano is playing. He’s oddly drawn to it but I have to admit, I’m not sure why. (If anyone recognizes the tune, please let me know.) There are once again signs of something happening in his head but it just isn’t enough yet. I expressed my own impatience but with this episode, Lynch really brought out tension and anxiety in this glimmer of hope. Something is happening here and it’s happening soon.

    5. “There’s Fire Where You Are Going”

    Once again, Hawk is called by Margaret (The Log Lady). She calls after Hawk and Sheriff Truman discuss where they are going the day after tomorrow and Hawk shows him an old Native American map that contains clues. Margaret calls and knows that he’s found something and the place with the fire is where he is going. Now, this is a very short scene but I think this location and the day after tomorrow is where this show will end. Hawk, Truman and the inhabitants of the Black Lodge are the endgame here (I think) but I’m not sure in what way. Margaret has spelled out so much. She’s told them about Cooper, she’s told Hawk that Truman and Cooper are his brothers and now she knows where they are going. She’s the prophetic queen of Twin Peaks and she’s leading us to the finale, which isn’t too far off.

    What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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