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    Five Thoughts on Young Justice‘s “Usual Suspects”

    By | November 1st, 2017
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    Everything came full circle this week and then they blew the circle up! Let’s dive in!

    1. First of us to make it

    I love the beginning of this episode as we look on at the new inductees to the Justice League with all the pomp and circumstance that that entails. We get Doctor Fate (new and improved), Plastic Man, Atom, Icon, and Red Arrow all now a part of the team and whisked off to visit the Watchtower. My side comment is where are the women, but I digress.

    As the team looks on they’re excited as the get excited about the prospect of also being in the big leagues one day and it’s just this beautiful, idealistic moment. And then disaster strikes.

    2. I am bush

    Robin has rigged a tracker so that the team knows if Cheshire shows up again and indeed she does, carrying the case that Artemis, Wally, Kaldur, and Roy failed to get back from her in New Orleans a few episodes back. They get to her plane crash site and there are no bodies, which is clearly suspicious. Then Riddler shows up and throws a dome over the team and gives them a riddle (or tells them a joke I can’t really tell), and all hell breaks loose. The fight scene that ensues is probably the best one that the show has done so far as Zatanna draws up a storm, Rocket is a great addition, and Superboy domes Mammoth. Artemis almost dies and Cheshire saves her cause the relationship is complicated. The team gets the case, and is congratulated by Batman. Good stuff all around.

    You can tell it’s going to get worse.

    3. Staging an intervention

    As the team gets home all hell is about to break loose as Superboy has run out of shields and Lex knows and propositions him to come to Santa Prisca (more full circles) to get more. He gets there and Artemis and Miss M are also there as Artemis was exploited by Cheshire and Sportsmaster and Megan was blackmailed by Queen Bee. Through flashback we see that there’s a huge secret telling party as Superboy reveals his parentage, Artemis her family, Miss M her true form, and all is well in the world. Secrets do make friends kids. Everything comes full circle and we think the mole thing is fully resolved. It’s a little clunky, but it feels true to all these characters.

    Again, you can tell it’s going to get worse.

    4. This has been a good day

    The fight scene that ensues is again another awesome one and Zatanna stands out again (she kind of seems OP this episode), and Rocket just proves she fits in. We get cool shots of Sphere, fancy Apokaliptan tech fun time, and Zatanna’s Robin clones. Also more Artemis and Wally love. Cute. By the end of it quippy Robin is back, and Kaldur says “This has been a good day.” And indeed a ton has happened and it feels like all the plot points of the season have sort of resolved themselves.

    And then it gets worse.

    5. PSYCHE

    “I…I was the mole.”

    Screw you, Roy, you suck! This is honestly a super smart move and reveal and maybe I’m a little biased because I think Roy Harper has been insufferable all season. But I guess that was the point. The Light manipulated Roy somehow into mind controlling all the League at the moment they had their guard down the most, although I’m impressed that that was possible for him. Vandal Savage gets summoned to the Watchtower, and the finale is about to begin. I caught more of the clues on this rewatch, especially the notion that Guardian looks just like Roy and sounds just like him, and that he works at Cadmus with, you guessed it, clones. But still, as far as reveals go this one is from left field and great, and sets up a huge showdown between the Team and the Justice League.

    Let the fight of the century commence.

    That’s all for this week folks, sound off in the comments and come back next week as summer finally ends.

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