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    31 Days of Abe, Day 34: The Multiversity Staff Draws Abe

    By | April 3rd, 2013
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    We heard you. We know that in the midst of all of these amazing creators, with their “professional skills” and “years of experience” and “incomes that support their families,” you wanted to see what some average dudes (and one dudette) could do with Abe Sapien. We heard your cry, and we responded. Without further ado, I present to you: The Multiversity Staff Draws Abe Sapien.

    First up, we have Mike, with his Abe in a tub:

    Up next we have Ned , with his inquisitive take on Abe:

    Associate editor Walt is self-deprecating and hilarious, as always:

    Drew drew (I could say that all day) us an Abe sporting an ever changing t-shirt:

    Vince wants us know that this Bud’s for Abe:

    Michelle shows us what real talent looks like:

    James mocks me:

    Walking Mignola encyclopedia Mark checks in from his vacation to New Zealand:

    E-I-C Matt greets us via his Abe surrogate:

    Chad might write about G.I. Joe, but his Abe is straight up Cobra:

    Mignolaversity cohort and Associate editor David mocks his skills:

    And finally, I evolve Abe into a more civilized persona:

    Up next: The shocking conclusion to 31 Days of Abe!

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