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    Our Favorite Cosplay at NYCC 2019

    By | October 15th, 2019
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    Cosplay is one of the best parts about going to a comic convention. Even if you don’t partake yourself, there’s something totally awesome about being in a room where more than half the people could have stepped off the pages of a comic. Whether you appreciate the craftsmanship, performance, creativity, or sheer insane moxie, you will walk away from a con impressed by a cosplayer. Here are some of our favorites from New York Comic Con 2019!

    Doc Ock: People are always willing to lend a hand at NYCC… or several.

    Wolverine: You picked the wrong con, bub.

    Groundskeeper from the Untitled Goose Game: HONK!

    Krang: The brains of the Artist Alley operation.

    Georgie and Pennywise: We all float down here… at the Javits.

    Louise Belcher: She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s got a terrifying face.

    Avengers: Endgame Thor: The Thor Abides

    Jabba the Hutt: This cosplayer is my kind of scum, fearless and inventive.

    The X-Men: I wish my school field trips had been this cool.

    Leonardo and Aquaman: King of the sea, meet king of the sewers.

    Jason from Friday the 13th Part IX: Jason Takes NYCC.

    McThor (@mcthor_cosplays): I fear McThor missed an opportunity mashing up with Lebowski Thor; Thor after worthily housing 20 McNuggets and a McFlurry.

    Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz, and Sandworm (@LittleCreeperCosplay): If only they had a Jeffrey Jones cosplayer standing off to the side. Anything other than the real Jeffrey Jones.

    Stevepool (Deadpool plus Steve from Stranger Things Season 3): It is a truth universally acknowledged that whatever the hottest cosplay of the momnt is, there is a Deadpool version of it

    Cobra (@the_real_destro): I feel bad for the half the group that has to worry about keeping their eyes open for every photo, when the other half can blink willy nilly.

    Superboy and Captain Cold (@befusionteamcosplay): The dream of the 90s is alive in Cosplay Central.

    Quentin Beck/Mysterio from “The Amazing Spider-Man”: Once again falling on hard times, Mysterio takes to the streets to sell these eccentric potholders.

    Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl (@sanriogirlxtina_): Since it was revealed at NYCC that Wonder Woman was the first superhero, this modern Diana and Golden Age Shiera is basically canon.

    Maverick from Top Gun: After 30 years, he still has the need for speed. (And no, this is not Jon Bernthal.)

    Captain Rex (@clonecaptainrex): I hope that under this hood, he is older, barre scarred, pot bellied, bearded Rex from Rebels.

    Final Fantasy VII Cast: The whole Highwind crew is read to mosey.

    @ewenchao as Kamala Khan: The funnest embiggening.

    @realdominocouture & @ambiatica2004 as Longshot & Shatterstar: He was his dad. He was also somehow the other guys dad. Can I make it any more obvious?

    @Amanda_Rose13 & @matthewtrancheff as Typhoid Mary and Matt Murdock: You’ve got to be pretty secure as a couple if this is your couples cosplay.

    @annieleecosplay as She Hulk Hogan: Reminding you to take your vitamins and to honor jurisprudence.

    @Matthewpruno as Eric Draven the Crow: He’s been reminding you that it can’t rain all the time for over 20 years!

    Joker & Skull from Persona 5: I saw these guys, and I had to leave the show, because of their showstopping look.

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