Cover to Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost 1 by Peach Momoko Art Feature 

Art Feature: Our Best Cover Artist Peach Momoko’s 2021

By | December 28th, 2021
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Peach Momoko’s popularity is one of the more interesting ‘star makings’ of the past few years. Known primarily for her variant covers, Momoko doesn’t do what so many cover artists attempt, which is to summarize the contents of the issue. She doesn’t even try to necessarily convey the emotion or deliver a Cliff’s Notes on the major themes. Instead, Momoko just delivers a character portrait, oftentimes just a bust shot or, sometimes, a head shot, that looks so amazing that it compels a strong reaction.

There’s no other artist doing what Momoko does on covers, and maybe it is because of the scarcity that there is such a reaction to her work. However it happened, we’re glad it did, because we love her work. Here are ten of our favorite covers of hers from 2021. We hope you enjoy them too.

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