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The Freeze #2 Featured Reviews
“The Freeze” #2

By | Jan 10, 2019 | Reviews

Witness an intriguing messiah story in the making with more heart than expected in “The Freeze” #2. Written by Dan Wickline Illustrated and Colored by Phillip Sevy Lettered by Troy Peteri Ray and his coworkers have begun to build their new society, but each newly unfrozen person has their own opinions about what happened—and how […]

Hack/Slash vs. Chaos! #1 Featured Reviews
“Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #1

By | Dec 7, 2018 | Reviews

Acting as both a fantastic continuation of the “Hack/Slash” epic and a good jumping on point for new readers, “Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” shows that Tim Seeley hasn’t lost his touch at all when it comes to the horror hunter genre or his decade-and-a-half series to bring in new readers with a new team for the […]

Man-Eaters #3 Featured Reviews
“Man-Eaters” #3

By | Nov 29, 2018 | Reviews

“Man-Eaters” #3 tries to tell an interesting story with some comedy, but is not without significant flaws. Written by Chelsea Cain Illustrated by Kate Niemczyk Colored by Rachelle Rosenberg Lettered by Joe Caramagna “A VISIT FROM AUNT FLO,” Day Three Maude suspects that the cat lady downstairs may be part of a cult. The toilet […]

Injustice 2 Annual #2 Featured Reviews
“Injustice 2 Annual” #2

By | Nov 22, 2018 | Reviews

Closing out the “Injustice 2” saga, a combination of flashback and modern story bring with it a roller coaster of emotions. Written by Tom Taylor Illustrated by Bruno Redondo Colored by Rex Lokus Lettered by Wes Abbott Injustice 2 ends here—so as the story segues into/sets up the Injustice 2 video game, we take one […]

“God of War” #1

By | Nov 16, 2018 | Reviews

The tale of a divine, foreign father and his boy is further expanded in Dark Horse Comics’s comic book prequel to Santa Monica Studios’s God of War. Written by Chris Roberson Illustrated by Tony Parker Colored by Dan Jackson Lettered by John Roshell Kratos, God of War, has returned! His war on the gods of […]

The Unexpected #6 Featured Reviews
“The Unexpected” #6

By | Nov 8, 2018 | Reviews

Stories from DC Comics across a divide of a decade collide in “The Unexpected” #6. Written by Steve Orlando Illustrated by Ronan Cliquet Colored by Jeromy Cox Lettered by Carlos M. Mangual It’s a showdown at Castle Frankenstein with the souls of Berlin on the line as Hawkman, Neon and Firebrand battle Onimar Synn to […]

Stranger Things #2 Featured Reviews
“Stranger Things” #2

By | Nov 1, 2018 | Reviews

When everything is upside down, “Stranger Things” #2 doesn’t let readers go without understanding. Written by Jody Houser Illustrated by Stefano Martino Colored by Lauren Affe Lettered by Nate Piekos Stuck in the mysterious Upside Down, Will Byers is cold, scared and starving. He uses his last bullet to temporarily drive away the Demogorgon. Drawing […]


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