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By | Apr 12, 2022 | Reviews

Those of you who may follow me on my personal social media may know that in addition to comics (and a few other hobbies), I’m also an avid knitter.  So when “Knitstrips,” a book of knitting patterns in the style of a comic book, both sides of my brain became intrigued.  But does it fulfill […]

Cowboy Bebop 1 Featured Reviews
“Cowboy Bebop” #1

By | Jan 28, 2022 | Reviews

First an anime, then a live action show, now a comic.  Although Netflix’s take on the world of space cowboys won’t chase any more bounties on screen, the live-action Cowboy Bebop now attempts to find a second life in comic books.  Can sequential storytelling correct some of the faults of the recent adaptation? Written by Dan […]

Annie Live Featured Reviews
Annie Live!

By | Dec 6, 2021 | Reviews

NBC’s latest outing in the live musical space is Annie Live!, the 1977 Tony-Award winning production based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strips, which started in 1924 and actually ran in newspapers until 2010.  Over the years, the musical has been adapted to screen four times, with John Huston’s 1982 film featuring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, […]


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