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The Mighty Thor 342 Featured Reviews
“The Mighty Thor” 341-345

By | Sep 12, 2019 | Reviews

No doubt Walter Simonson’s “Thor” run defined the character. Much of what we know and love about the big ole galumph stemmed from what he turned in with “The Mighty Thor.” In the last sequence, we were given a space-faring adventure, with gods and hammers and cosmic confrontations. It ended with Thor losing his Donald […]

The Mighty Thor 337 featured Reviews
“The Mighty Thor” #337-340

By | Aug 29, 2019 | Reviews

Walter Simonson took control of the “Thor” title in the early ’80s. He had been working for the major comics publishers for years by then, dipping in and out of various properties like “Jack Kirby’s Fourth World,” the “Alien” adaptation, and the original Marvel “Star Wars” comics. He contributed covers to a wide range of […]

The-Giver-graphic-novel-featured Reviews
“The Giver”

By | Apr 29, 2019 | Reviews

P. Craig Russell has spent much of his career taking stories from one medium and translating them into comics. Various fairy tales, operas, novels, and short stories have been rendered in his unique and exquisite style. His approach is grandoise, his ambition to find the beauty and wonder in sequential art. And Russell brings all […]


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