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Incredibles 2 featured Reviews
Incredibles 2

By | Jun 15, 2018 | Reviews

When The Incredibles come out in 2004, superheroes in movies were still more of a novelty than the norm. While Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi had released two installments of X-Men and Spider-Man, respectively, Batman hadn’t yet begun and Nick Fury still searched for heroes to assemble. There was something fresh, something cool, something classic about The Incredibles. It […]

Prison Pit Book 6 Featured Previews
Exclusive Preview: “Prison Pit” Book Six

By | May 23, 2018 | Previews

Since 2009, Johnny Ryan (“Angry Youth Comix”) has been turning in these enormous farcical odes to pro-wrestling, space operas, and the manga “Berserk” with “Prison Pit.” Published by Fantagraphics, the series is incredibly gory, filled with weird alien nudity, insane antics, and brutal violence, all of it delivered under Ryan’s wild and energetic pen. The […]

Infinity War Featured Columns
Slackers: Our Editors and Managers Debate Avengers: Infinity War

By , , , and | Apr 30, 2018 | Columns

Like many other websites, Multiversity uses Slack as a tool for making sure our editorial team is in constant communication. And while, yes, we debate/discuss lots of things related to Multiversity’s daily content, a lot of times we just kvetch about our lives and talk comics. And that is exactly what happened yesterday, when editors […]


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