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Hilda 207 Television
Five Thoughts on Hilda’s “The Fifty Year Night”

By | Feb 2, 2021 | Television

Spoilers abound. 1.) Unstuck in Time At their core, time travel stories are about atonement and retribution. From time loop comedies (Russian Doll, Palm Springs) to timeline-hopping adventures (Time Bandits, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), from the “scientifically accurate” bloats (Interstellar, Primer) to the reality-altering thrillers (Looper, 12 Monkeys), characters, unstuck in time, confronted with […]

Hilda 205 Television
Five Thoughts on Hilda’s “The Windmill”

By | Jan 12, 2021 | Television

The darker, more intense moments in Hilda always come as a surprise, although by this point they really shouldn’t. This series has never shied away from complex emotions or complicated circumstances. It’s filled with stories of mass extinctions, failed ambitions, abductions, loneliness, the crippling weight of adulthood, and the gradual erosion of legend and culture […]

Hilda 202 The Draugen Television
Five Thoughts on Hilda’s “The Draugen”

By | Dec 22, 2020 | Television

Hilda wastes no time this week trying to uncover Erik Ahlberg’s secrets. After watching him at work in the previous episode, she immediately identifies something’s off about this guy and, unless she acts quickly, her entire way of life will be in jeopardy. This is “The Draugen,” written by Ben Joseph and directed by Andy […]


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