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Advance Review: “Best of 2000 AD” #1

By | Jan 8, 2020 | Reviews

“Where do I start reading Judge Dredd?” That’s a question I’ve gotten a lot, and it’s a fair one. There is plenty of “Judge Dredd” out there. Couple that with breaking the news that 2000 AD goes well beyond just “Judge Dredd,” and you’re setting up some heads for a good spin. Fortunately, our transatlantic […]

JLA 2018 by Howard Porter Podcasts
Robots From Tomorrow: Episode 549 – December Previews, Part 2

By and | Jan 3, 2019 | Podcasts

The comics window-shopping continues! Flipping to the front of the catalog, Mike & Greg’s attention focuses on the Premier Publishers section: Dark Horse! DC! Image! IDW! Marvel! What’s coming to comic shops in February (and beyond!) from these companies that catches the lads’ fancies? Definitely something for everyone as the lads close out their trip […]

Daredevil #11 by Joe Quesada & David Mack Podcasts
Robots From Tomorrow: Episode 543 – Marvel Knights at 20, Part 2

By and | Nov 29, 2018 | Podcasts

After covering the imprint’s origin & history, as well as its impact on the broader comics landscape, the lads finally get around to talking about the best aspect of Marvel Knights: the comics themselves! From the flagship “Daredevil” to the award-winning “Inhumans” to the culturally savvy “Black Panther” to the let’s-call-it-misguided first “Punisher” miniseries, there’s […]


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