Multiversity Turns 5 with: Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh’s “Settling Up” [Comic]

By | May 3rd, 2014
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It was recently announced that Ed Brisson’s “Murder Books” would be returning in Dark Horse Presents in August, something we’d previously talked with Ed Brisson about. And you know what? This is incredibly exciting news that you should be pumped about.

So for our 5th Anniversary, Ed agreed to allow us to serialize one of the older “Murder Books,” entitled ‘Settling Up,’ here on the website. Illustrated by Michael Walsh (“Comeback” and “Secret Avengers”) it’s a rather sinister little tale that had me terrifically excited the first time I read it.

I really can’t stress it enough: “Murder Books” are amazing. I have the print copies from Ed’s original run of the comics, and I honestly believe they’re as good as “Stray Bullets.” Featuring a bevy of talented artists all of whom you now assumedly know thanks to Image (Johnnie Christmas, Simon Roy, Damian Coucerio, Vic Malhotra), each installment tells an isolated story of crime, deception and violence in a murky landscape that remains both identifiable and surreal at the same time. If you like what Brisson and Walsh are doing now in their current work, I can guarantee you you will love this look at what these superstar comic talents were doing before they were big famous rockstars.


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