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    This Month In Comics: February 2015

    By | March 3rd, 2015
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    I don’t like February. It’s not even a whole month and then it likes to get fancy on us and add an extra day every few years. It’s full of snow and cold and silly non holidays. Best thing that comes from it? Comics. It was a good month with a lot of strong contenders for best of the month but it totally flew by us and I’m sure once I post this, I’ll regret omitting something.

    Best Issue: Ms. Marvel #12

    I know, I know, I’ll probably get heat for this because it wasn’t the most Earth shattering book, but for me, it was everything I wanted. It tied into Valentine’s Day in a cute way that took me back to my own high school days in a very bittersweet way. Bruno’s crush on Kamala and her subsequent reaction comes off so natural and so very real. I laughed, I cringed and I left immediately wanting more. This month marked the one year anniversary of the character and her second year is already off to a good start.

    Runner Up: Southern Bastards #7

    Best Writer: Ed Brubaker

    We got new “Velvet” this month, the first volume of “The Fade Out” and a brand new “Criminal” story. No one does crime noir better than Brubaker and no one should try. As much as I’ve enjoyed the work he’s done with superheroes over at Marvel, his best books have been original concepts like this with new characters set in a world he creates. I think we should all be grateful at THREE Brubaker releases in a short amount of time.

    Runner Up: Jason Aaron

    Best Artist: Joelle Jones

    Joelle Jones is an artist I didn’t have a ton of familiarity with before reading “Lady Killer” and I now regret not knowing about her work. She’s doing something very special with “Lady Killer”. Comics, when it comes to how female characters and designed and used, are going through changes. Jones is able to not only allow Josie to be sexy and feminine but she’s also an ass kicking assassin who’s dedicated to her job and family. She’s basically a real woman and that’s almost impossible to come by in comics. Jones is doing some very cool stuff in regards to character attire and the angles she uses during fight scenes are perfect. I don’t know about you, but I sure hope to see a lot more Joelle Jones in the future.

    Runner Up: Jamie McKelvie

    Best Colorist: Matthew Wilson

    When the Eisners roll around and Wilson wins best colorist, this is the issue I will show non believers. I’m convinced he made up new colors to create “The Wicked + The Divine” #8. It’s unreal what he does.

    Runner Up: Elizabeth Breitweiser

    Best Cover: Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #4 by Benjamin Dewey

    “Autumnlands” might not be the book for everyone but there’s no denying the greatness of this cover. This issue is very much about the character featured on the cover but from this one image, you get a lot about his personality. This story features anthropomorphic animals but from this cover, you get more humanity than anything else. The look on Dusty’s face in contrast to the action above him entices the reader to learn more. Dewey is doing wonderful things on interiors but the covers he’s created have been fantastic. This one being the best so far from the white background to the placing of the book’s logo.

    Runner Up: Saga #25 by Fiona Staples

    Best New Series: Curb Stomp

    I have been told that I hype things up too much. That might be true but I’m not going to lie and say that “Curb Stomp” wasn’t awesome. This is The Warriors but with a 2015 punk twist starring mostly female characters. I loved every second of reading this and can’t wait for more.

    Runner Up: The Black Hood 

    Best Farewell: She-Hulk #12

    I’m going to miss this series because it was truly unlike anything else in superhero comics. Twelve issues is a nice run but this deserved more. Shulkie fans have a lot to be excited about with “A-Force” coming soon during “Secret Wars” but it’s unlikely we’ll ever see something like this be done with the character again.

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    Runner Up: “Roche Limit” #5. The end to that volume was brutal. “Roche Limit: Clandestiny” will probably kill me.

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